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After discovering my senator, Dianne Feinstein, had no Twitter account, I sought a more low-tech to communicate my displeasure over her PIPA support. Wow, no Facebook or Google+ account, either.
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She living in the past like Stephen lol.
Please tell me that you actually sent this. Fantastic.
That is awesome! And besides the low tech way has more impact, because it's easy to ignore a tweet, but an office flooded by telegrams is hard to ignore.
Not a good sign when the people farther away from technology are the ones legislating about it.
Wow, they still have telegram service.
shows how out of touch our Representatives are.
For those asking, I didn't actually send this. Turns out, as best I can tell, no one still sends telegrams. Where I generated the preview, this would have been simply mailed, if I did send it out. I did call her office and left a message with the staffer that answered. The online contact form was down due to today's load.
Soon to be ex Senator. Shows how dark ages Congressional people are!!!!
Politicians don't work for you anyway. They work for lobbyists and globalist agendas. Why should they bother setting up social network accounts and get slimed by disgrunts? LOL
Pretty much one of the most insane things I have seen in a long time. Wonder if she has a phone?
wow you must be from the future that was sent tomorrow.. today is the 18th.
No phone. That's too high tech.
Maybe a cage for a carrier pigeon.
Freakin' awesome! And any congressman without Facebook, Twitter, Google+, AND a decent website with contact features has absolutely ZERO business voting on ANY bill related to internet traffic.
I love it!!! I didn't know Telegrams still existed...maybe this will get her attention!!
Wow.. if she have no Facebook, no twitter or Google+ account, how do you pretend that she know about SOPA ??
Senator can not vote something that has no idea :-(
So.......... Is carrier pigeon still an option?
Its perfectly acceptable to not have a Facebook/twitter/Google+ account and still hold office..what is not acceptable is being ignorant of how laws you enact affect your constituents
Hilarious. Where does one even go to send a telegram anymore??
hahahahah this is so full of WIN :) love the creativity here... Feinstein = dinosaur
Yikes, how does she communicate with her audience?
Please get a clue. `-(STOP)-
Please join the twenty-first-fucking-century. `-(STOP)-
Absolutely sad for California, I couldn't believe it either, and I looked her up eons ago, shocking, huh?
She doesn't have these accounts because she doesn't want to hear from her constituents. She always does whatever she feels like doing and yet those in California continue to vote her into office. I don't get it. And funny, she has no accounts yet she is one of the ones trying to cram this down our throats and control our lives even further.
Why does this surprise you or anyone else. Whether (D) or (R), most don't represent the state or district they are supposed to represent, but rather represent special* interest, lobbies and are beholden to large donors to their campaigns.

Simple fix would be to forbid campaign donations from anyone who is NOT capable of voting for the person. This would all but eliminate outside corrupting influences. Let the Corps, Unions, PACs and Lobbies pay for their own campaigns on their own dime and with their own staff.

*Short bus version
You wonderful human being! If I'd had a congressman, I'd have done this too (if I'd thought of it!) Nice work, kudos.
Wow really, A senator? Living without a Twitter Acc?

+Danny Sullivan Great Job on taking action, Danny! I do hope that Congress doesn't take action against people's wish.
Creative! (and hilarious note) Holy cow - no wonder they support it - they probably have no idea what the internet even is!
Don't forget who votes them in office. YOU. And don't forget who can vote in someone new. YOU. Make the good fight even better by removing ignorance from political office.
um im not really sure what donna bell is talking about this has nothing to do with heidi miller but it was too senator dianne on the PIPA and SOPA crap they are trying to shove at us technology savy generation.....i feel like they are doing this because they fear a take over by us all!
Brilliant. Never thought I'd see an actual telegram being sent in 2012.
The enlightened citizens of California elected Diane Feinstein.
Remind me: aren't Facebook and Google headquaterd in California and represented by Diane Feinstein in the U.S. Congress?
Now that's dedication. I wonder if she knows what that darn-fangled internet is.
G Gray
how much did it cost to send?
What is her next cause going to be? Women's voting rights, or maybe prohibition?
wow, how do these people not have social networking, I thought this was the 21st century.
Good job Danny! I cannot recall the last time I saw a telegram!
at $6.45 per telegram, perhaps is making more money than Twitter? Don't get much spam either, probably
What do you expect when we elect 78 year olds to office? She just got re-elected to stay in office until 2013, if your grandmother was 78 do you think she would do a good job passing legislation? "Sure let me read that 3000 page bill, sonny boy. Let me just take a nap first".
Minds can open - or close - at any age. The calendar is meaningless.
that's awesome. but for some folks you have to get down to the roots level message. why not make it a singing telegram. i would put in for something like that. hell i would flash mob and join in the fun of that singing telegram!
Bahahahahahahaha - It's hard to believe that she understands what people want w/o any social infulence
What a stroke of genius!

You didn't copyright this idea, did you? If so, anyone sharing this could be in violation of SOPA/PIPA...!
She can make a confusion, getting support and withdraw to get the account! LOL!
That's funny, but does phone and email really not count?
if this doesn't work, there is always certified mail...
and oh by the way when she comes back to your state take her to the local library and introduce her to a computer and the internet, so she knows exactly what she's trying to kill...
Kudos for fighting against SOPA and all, but asking someone to get Twitter is just cruel =P
Because people who don't use the internet should be the ones deciding how it operates on a fundamental level. We should put the amish in charge of nasa.
Well this is what we'll come to.
from my perspective of the Amish, I think we'd be better off putting them in charge of our military... we'd never go to war.
and Rastafarian in charge of NASA there are other ways (and cheaper ways) to get off the ground...
and while we are at it put the folks who wrote up the GPL v.2 to be in charge of media licensing =)
Great!!! "If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed"
I just thought i was smart - Outstanding
So how is Dianne Frankenstein doing lately?
I LOVE IT !!! Hilarious. She is also my senator. I did not vote for her.
You are a genius! I've only been sending communications through and regarding many things that they have been screwing around with... (Plus signing petitions, calling their offices to leave messages, and printing and sending snailmail in a couple of instances.) This is such a perfect "old school" way to get the point across!
WORLDWIDE // servicing most continents
Great Idea Danny! Should Make a Point, like Mark Antonowsky I had never seen a Telegram Before.
J Riggs
Good Job ,Danny! Glad to see some ppl speak up and actually follow through.
Fantastic idea to get the message across to out-of-touch politicians. California citizens continue to re-elect Sen. Diane Feinstein and looking at her record I do not understand why. Meanwhile a new congressional insider trading scandal is unfolding in Washington, and another name has been added to the hit parade: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). and her husband loaded up on Biotech Stock Just Before Company Received $24 Million Gov’t Grant.
That's pretty darn awesome. It would've never crossed my mind! I think when anyone gets a telegram in this day and age, they'll pay attention.
Great idea! It is easy to ignore email and social networks.
So arrogant. A genius ? Awesome ? Such a joke... If a politician has to follow the web 2.0 hype to be considered, well, that is so low....
One can do a descent job without tweeting or sharing every (stupid) idea that cross his mind. This is pollution at 95%.
Remarkable. You mean someone who has no social media accounts on the Web wants to try legislate it? That never happens. The government never tries to control things it has no understanding of. (You see what I did there? Sarcasm. Isn't it great?)
Great to see the New Democracy in action in the USA. Good luck bringing it to maturity for all our sakes!
Perhaps the Senator prefers smoke signals... or yodeling...
"If you're planning on running for reelection, just <stop>"
And yet, he decided to throttle something that he barely understands
She is not interested in your opinion. Thus no need for any of that social networking stuff for her.
Can you still do this? Wow - that's worth a 1000 emails ! ...and no room for excuses (i dont have a computer !)
thumbs up for not having twitter or geybook
Tim V
WTF kind of business does a person with no twitter, g+ or facebook account have to do with PIPA?!?! Hitler from that video made a good point, if one doesn't know how to use a computer, one has no business voting in this matter.
this just proves that the people behind SOPA and PIPA are just people who are not willing to change according to the times we're living in... they just like to fight against the unknown!
We should be so lucky they only fight against...all the worse that they seek to profit by sowing the fear of the unknown to just enough people as to get re-elected. Profit by conflating fears. ... what's that called? Fear mongering?
That is awesome. I am so disappointed in Diane Feinstein. We know who paid for her election. Too bad we all can't afford a Senator.
A telegram? You can still send those? Blimey! Although if you don't get a response you could always try smoke signals, or drumming.