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In my +CNET column this week, I look at how "trapped" your digital videos may be. If you buy on iTunes, can you watch outside of Apple? If you buy through Google Play, can you get that on iOS. The chart and story has it all.
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A study in how our rights have been crippled by DRM.
What's the relationship between Flixster and Vudu? I feel like I can watch Vudu movies via Flixster in a lot of places, including iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire...
Erich W
+Danny Sullivan when we buy digital content we really aren't buying it but more long term renting it. And thats why we should change the wording. We can't transfer it to any device we chose, lend it out, create a backup, sell it or even leave it in a will how you leave your physical possesions
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