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Hidden links? Linking will give you a boost? Two bad mistakes in a Home Depot link building campaign.
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In a case like this the SEO could have put a great case together showing the value to the users of the Home Depot site and to their business partners if they would link to each other.

For example Home depot could put a “Find an Installer” page on their site where you can locate an installer in your area. It would also be reasonable for Home Depot installers to let people know they are a “qualified or certified installer for Home Depot” maybe even have a badge or link to a page on home depot or link to the find and installer page. I am sure there are some other logistics but the main idea is there.

In a case like this there could have been a win win win scenario rather than lose, lose.
Home Depot hardwares walmart. Why fix something when you can buy new junk from China to replace it.
They could have just sent the letter without all the shady wording in it and probably would have gotten nearly as much adoption. However they probably picked up a few extra links from sites talking about this issue...
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