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Google search results are now showing the latest posts from Google+ pages and profiles to the right of the main search results.
It’s not your imagination. Google is showing a new “Latest Posts” section for some Google+ pages and profiles alongside its regular results, in the space where ads have traditionally resided. The form...
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So I wasn't dreaming when I saw it an hour ago. Stupid me, I closed my laptop and went to bed.

+Danny Sullivan still not seeing the "thank you option" in the search results. Had any more luck with that?
It must be my imagination... How else could something so unnecessary become reality IMHO?
Remember the good old days when google was a simple plain box and the search results were just objectively the perfect results? If a company makes over a billion dollars, what is the motivation to screw up such a perfect thing? It's not like they need the money.
About time. I much prefer to be linked from someone i have already decided is worth-while listening to.
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