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make sure you check for bananas in your tailpipe :)
I miss funny Eddie Murphy. Whoever stole his face is a jerk.
Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!
Nice.  Is this where he puts the banana in the tailpipe?
 3rd floor, 4th window from the right! He's wearing a black ninja suit. 
+Danny Sullivan that's because not only was he never part of the Beverly Hills police dept. (he's from Detroit police dept.) so he wouldn't have a desk there, but it's also almost 18 years later since he's been to Beverly Hills and he's probably retired by now!
you need to buy an big mansion, move out while you get it renovated and he'll have moved in by the time you get back. Dont you know anything...
it's because he is in a home for retired police veterans suffering from Alzheimer.... 
Dude I just had a flashback to the theme song. Lol now I can't get it out if. My head. 
HaHa Tight! who doesnt love Axel Foley
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