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Apple's earnings are in.
The iPhone 6 is the force that continues to power stellar quarters for Apple. This afternoon is no exception. The company reported Q2 revenues of $58.01 bi
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Danny Sullivan

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Google+ is dead. Not. Explains +Mark Traphagen
Despite the "near death" rumors, Google+ still has plenty of life left, and Google has no current plans to dismember it, believes columnist Mark Traphagen.
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The news out of Nepal from the earthquake is terrible. Hope that lots of help is on the way.
The earthquake struck near Katmandu. Residents described scenes of panic, and trekkers reported a major avalanche on Mount Everest.
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The aftershocks are still continuing, a day after the first one hit. People are on the streets unable to return home, if they even have one left that is. 
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Danny Sullivan

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In the war of web versus app, Google's unleashed a new weapon on the side of the web: Chrome Notifications.
From day one Google has hated apps. It grudgingly built them because the iPhone and the culture of smartphones forced the company to. Now with Chrome notif
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Mmmmmm interesting
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Why you should be thinking video, if you're a marketer.
Video is the perfect medium to enhance your existing strategies, says columnist Michael Litt, and will help you nurture leads and close deals.
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Google's latest earnings are in. Cost per click price on ads are down. Google says the CPC drop isn't due to mobile but rather -- oddly -- because it's showing so many more YouTube ads now because the quality of those has gone up, but those ads earn less for it than other ads, pulling the overall CPC price it reports down. Hey Google -- the solution to this is to be more transparent about earnings. Like, average CPC for search ads, average CPC for display, average CPC for video -- along with overall revenues for each of these streams.
This afternoon Google announced quarterly earnings of just under $17.3 billion, which was up 12 percent over Q1 2014. However both revenue and earnings mis
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Gotta feel sorry for them missing their goals.  boo-who :(
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Danny Sullivan

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Nearly 70% of tickets for our​ +Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced event are gone now. Book soon to save, as the early bird expires next week. And book soon just to secure your seat, because tickets always sell out. Once they're gone, they're gone.
SMX Advanced is the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers. Sessions are fast-paced, Q&A-packed, frequently controversial, always informative…and don’t stop to cover the basics.
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1,723,356 people
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What it's like using Amazon Echo -- kind of like Amazon's Siri but different, too.
Comparisons to Siri, Cortana and Google Now don't fit. Echo isn't as developed as those and serves an entirely different use case.
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Android Wear running Apple Watch :)
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Give me Minions on my wrist any day! 
On custom watch faces, I look forward to Apple's announcement that they invented the feature in a not too distant future! ;-)
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My look at how Twitter and Instagram work in small-form on the Apple Watch. Facebook's promised app has still to arrive. Google, as best I can tell, hasn't released a single app for the platform.
Don't expect to create much social media content to share on the Apple Watch. However, it does support bite-size consumption, including liking Instagram images and retweeting tweets.
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i seriously don't get twitter or instagram working on the Apple Watch in its current format. Why would you want to read tweets on your watch?

You end up spending around 10-20 seconds to launch the app and read some tweets when you can easily pull up the phone in that time. Then you probably end up spending a minute just reading tweets. 

Instagram on a watch is also quite bad, why would you want to look at photos on a tiny screen.

I just don't see to these apps that tries to bring the phone experience to the watch. It is stupid!

What twitter for example should do is if someone who you are following shared a tweet in a location that you are in, send an notification or an alert to the user to allow the user to read it as it could be something of interest to that user.

Same with instagram, if someone has a photo and shared it in your location then ping you and maybe it might be something that the end user wearing the watch may want to go and look and explore.

Watch apps should be for quick interaction to inform you, not something that you eyes are glued too.. and the way these apps are being designed they are completely missing the point.

Note: I am an Android Wear user so I have worn this tech before.
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Your daily #Mobilegeddon  update. The rollout is growing. Sometimes you might get the new mobile-friendly results, if Google sends them from a data center that's been updated. But since not all data centers have been updated, you still might get the old results.
Google's John Mueller confirmed the mobile friendly algorithm is rolling out and is actually completely live at some data centers.
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Thats very kool!
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Among the early Apple Watch winners are Twitter, the New York Times and Uber, as they have Apple Watch apps that Apple is featuring.
Tomorrow the Apple Watch pre-orders start arriving. And almost immediately those early adopters will be downloading specialized watch apps onto their wrist
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Gullible ... No one knows how many Apple Watches have been preordered .
Hello ... Seriously not even Apple !!!
Hmmm would say its not as many Tim Cook Hoped .. if it was he Would be bragging .

Samsung had preorders of 20 million S6 and Edge 2 weeks prior to launch .
They knew

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Founding Editor, Marketing Land & Search Engine Land
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Newport Beach, California
Founding Editor, Marketing Land & Search Engine Land, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM & all things digital marketing, search marketing and search.
Widely considered a leading "search engine guru," Danny Sullivan has been helping webmasters, marketers and everyday web users understand how search engines work for over a decade.

Danny's expertise about search engines is often sought by the media, and he has been quoted in places like The Wall St. Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The New Yorker and Newsweek and ABC's Nightline.

Danny began covering search engines in late 1995, when he undertook a study of how they indexed web pages. The results were published online as "A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines," a pioneering effort to answer the many questions site designers and Internet publicists had about search engines.

Danny currently works as the founding editor of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, which cover all aspects of digital marketing, search marketing and search engine news. Danny also serves as chief content officer of Third Door Media, which owns Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Digital Marketing Depot and the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. Danny also maintains a personal blog called Daggle and writes CNET's Common Sense Tech column.

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Great tacos and more. Enough said. This is the original that gave birth to other Chronics around Southern California. Pick whatever you want, it'll be great. I go for the fatty tacos or the tostada bowls myself. The store is very small; no seats, and if it's busy, you'll be standing in line for up to 15 minutes to get your food. But the staff will be friendly while you wait, and you'll enjoy what you get.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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I ended up here almost by accident in September 2010. There was a big event at Jericho, where we thought we could pick up guns for our group of newbies, which included me. No such luck. But we saw the sign for No Limits and figured it was a close enough drive. The staff couldn't have been more helpful. They gave us plenty of time, talked through the different options, and we left with guns that have continued to do us fine. No problems, no fails, they're holding up great. I realized that we'd left the rail for one of the guns behind about a week later. I called, and they sent it to us no problem, covering the postage on their end. In April, we were in the area so I headed back to get a pistol. Same thing: really helpful staff. About the only downside is that if the shop is busy, you might have a wait. But compared to my nightmare experience with doing mail order through Airsplat (gun doesn't work, sent back, still doesn't work, sigh), it was nice feeling like here was a place that was going to ensure I had solid equipment. And I do.
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Or so I've heard. Really, I'm just curious to see if Mike will notice this review :) Oh, I need 100 characters in all. Was that enough?
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