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The story of a faithful father!

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A Faithful Father
This is a story
that was recently forwarded to me. I haven’t been able to confirm if this is a
true story but the earthquake in Armenia in the year 1988 was a true event that
killed over 30,000 people in less than 4 minutes.  “A couple Samuel
and Danielle s...

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Happy 3rd Birthday!
Hey all! This is my first post in a very long while! Planning to come back and be a regular here again! Today is my son John's 3rd birthday! I had already posted earlier on how he is a miracle baby for us and the video testimony we shared at our church here...

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I overcame my fear and this is what happened! New Blog Post!

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Doing Your Fears!
Not so long ago,
I had a patient in my clinic of around 7-8 years of age. He seemed fine as he
sat down on the dental chair to get examined. But as soon as I got to start
with my treatment procedure, he panicked and pushed my hands away. He jumped
off the c...

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Are you going through a relationship struggle? Here are some truths that can help that! New blog post!

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In our day to day lives, the one thing that seems inevitable is our meeting with people. There is
not a single day perhaps in all of our lives where we can say that we did not
have to interact with somebody! They bring us
the most joy and yet bring us the m...

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These 3 incidents happened to me & I think it sums up Easter in a nutshell! New BLog Post!

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Taking Your Place
Hey all! As we
head into the Easter weekend, I am wishing all of you a very happy one! Below
are the excerpts of a talk I had given this last month! “If you are a
Christian or it’s just that you have hung around a few Christian friends, you
would’ve noticed...
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