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I don't really use G+ any more. Well I do, but only for 1 thing- sharing pictures and videos of my daughter with my family. And it's because of that usage that I can no longer use it for any other purpose.

I do still read other's posts, and maybe +1 - but I can't share anything here. Because if I was to share I would share +Public - and then that would show up in my family's feed. But I don't want that to happen. I don't want to fill up my family's feed with stuff they're not interested in. When they come to G+ I want them to see the family pics & nothing else.

All that is needed is a way to exclude certain circles from a Public post. Perhaps someone will read this and tell me there is and I've been dull and not noticed it. Perhaps it's just because of the way I organised my circles that I'm in this situation. But until there's a way for me to share posts publicly and exclude it from showing in my family feed, I can't use G+ any more for any other purpose than for my family stuff.

Oh Mum- you can ignore this post

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"Girls, ...are often praised for their "goodness." When we do well in school, we are told that we are "so smart," "so clever, " or " such a good student." This kind of praise implies that traits like smartness, cleverness, and goodness are qualities you either have or you don't. Boys, ...are given a lot more feedback that emphasizes effort (e.g., "If you would just pay attention you could learn this," "If you would just try a little harder you could get it right.") The net result: when learning something new is truly difficult, girls take it as sign that they aren't "good" and "smart", and boys take it as a sign to pay attention and try harder.

This tallies with previous research I've read. I need to work on praising my daughter based on effort rather than innate ability/ traits. So rather than saying "well done, aren't you clever" I say "well done, you worked that out really well/ you tired really hard there"

I personally don't have any problem in the fact that some people do really really well in life financially. If that 1% are ridiculously obscenely wealthy, I have no problem with that; I'm not a jealous person, I say good luck to them. I hope they realise that there's more to life than money and that they're happy.

What I do have a problem with, is if those 1% use their influence and power, that comes with being so wealthy, in such a way that is detrimental to the overall good. If they lobby and manipulate and control to benefit themselves and their families and friends to the detriment of others then that is a huge problem. If they're not using their wealth, power and influence to try and make a positive difference to the world, then something needs to change.

The fundamental problem that I see is that financial wealth automatically brings with it this power and influence. In the UK and US systems what I see is that decisions are taken for the benefit of the 1% due to the system whereby elected representatives are dependant on these people. It is this system that needs to change. We need more transparency, political funding needs to change. It may not be a revolutionary idea, but it's something to start with that would make a huge difference.

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Great news for welsh rugby

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