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So this will be interesting. It looks like the Chinese journalist +Michael Anti (who was thrown off Facebook after refusing to change his Facebook ID to his birth name), just joined Google+ under his writing name. (Hi Michael!)

G+'s terms of service seem to be a bit more forgiving than Facebook's -- it says you should "use the name that you commonly go by in daily life". They're unclear on whether you can have more than one G+ account if you go by more than one identity, as many activists and journalists do. Will Google's community approach evolve in a different way to Facebook's? Will they compete to be more tolerant if real competition emerges?

(The EFF's +Jillian C. York has a good piece on the subtle differences in Terms of Service language already at )

+Jillian C. York +Rebecca MacKinnon +Liz Henry
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Hi Danny. So it seems that Google+ is the only social network which is open to me.
Great to see you here Michael. Facebook"s policy on naming has always seemed to be almost OCD in its rejection of the complexity of human experience!
Hi Michael, good to have you here! Twitter also lets you choose your name, right?
lol it's probably obvious that this is not the name I commonly go by in daily life. I have done anything but hide: my profile tagline points to a post I made here about my pseudonymity, I've sent feedback, I've added many of the Google+ team to my circles, and I've commented on their posts and held conversations with them. If my account disappears, youll know the canary has died and to get the heck out of the mine!
if + is, twitter is too
Facebook's policy of forcing people to use birth names is completely ridiculous, anyway. I'm actually a bit afraid that they'll just disappear my account one day when they figure out that "Tempest" isn't my birth name. Nevermind that almost none of my current friends even know my real name...
Michael, how did Facebook even figure out that this is not your birth name? (I'm still baffled as to why they care)
+K Tempest Bradford It's not just Michael, happens all the time, and sometimes to people who were using their real names (and then had to send in gov't ID to prove it). I can't speak for Michael, but in most cases it happens because some asshole reports you.
Jillian is right. Since Facebook has no even an office in China, It was some one reported to FB that I didn't use ID card name.
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