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Potentially the first Google Plus user to be arrested for free-speech related issues. Good luck, +Anas Maarawi .
Jillian C. York originally shared:
On July 1, my friend +Anas Maarawi was arrested in Damascus. Anas is a great blogger and the founder of the only Arabic platform specializing in the Android OS ( Anas and I had worked together previously fighting against the US Dept. of Commerce's export controls that restrict ordinary Syrian citizens from accessing important tools. Some of you may have met Anas earlier this year at the Al Jazeera Media Forum, where he spoke on the bloggers' panel.

His friends have set up a campaign (in Arabic and English). There is also a Facebook campaign (
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Hi, +Natalie Villalobos -- I'm not sure this really news you want to hear, but I thought you might want to let the rest of the G+ gang know.
+Jillian C. York -- do you know what the charges were? Was it related to online activism or writing or offline activism?
I think if your name appears prominently through a Google search, you might be considered an online activist in some places. The ardroid project is very important and another point of reference for G+ folk.
Yeah, I should amend my statement to say I don't think it was on-the-ground involvement in protests.
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