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The idea that a person would define themselves with a tag line is moronic.
The idea that a person would define themselves with a tag line is moronic.
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It's about time...

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Three monitors, three instances of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and three boys... On one PC. LOL!

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+Lee Ikard​,

Why you don't give admins the ability to make other admins on Garry's Mod...


I forgot you haven't seen "The Matrix". I don't much care for them because of their highly illogical sci-fi premises, but history will require you to have this knowledge. The Matrix pioneered an effect still mocked today known as "bullet time". A series of cameras are placed in a circle and fired off milliseconds one after another as seen here:

A process known as deterpolation is used to clean up the effect, which is basically a cgi effect known as "morphing", invented in the 1990's. The second link I provided is from the second of three movies and is mostly CGI, but the influence "bullet time" had on the franchise is undeniable.

I will download them for you to watch after Christmas... Just don't expect me to watch any of them with you without bitching. ;]

The amount of energy in the human nervous system could hardly power a clock and overall the idea is just dumb as fuck.

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Oh man that's funny!

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I made a garden out of concrete and grey block that is fueled by the leech line from our evaporative air conditioner. It has birthed fish and frogs. Please include any comments about how this won't work below. You may reference the common misinformation found on the Internet and in public belief below...

You can't make a pond out of masonry mix or concrete.
The masonry mix will fall apart and leech substances into the soil and water that will drastically increase the alkalinity in the water and soil and will kill plants and fish. You have to spend hundreds on plastic buckets and waterproof grades of concrete.
Could have fooled me. I don't intend for this pond to outlive me, although it likely would and I actually want it to leak water for the plants around it. It will definitely last longer than half-buried kiddie pools! The center walkway and rocks provide enough cover to prevent the fish from being eaten by the birds... Mostly. Feeder fish and goldfish are 25 cents a piece anyway and I've had the same original $3 stock for quite some time. The fish have decimated the mosquito larvae. They even eat the stupid flying bugs that land on the surface! I'm assuming the frogs have enough food from eating the bugs around the bug zapper and are likely too slow to catch them anyway. All the plants, tomatoes sunflowers and watermelons and onions and radishes and such are supposed to be acid loving. Could have fooled me; I live in the desert! The constant water means a lot of worms. Maybe that helps.

Make sure to use blah blah blah to balance the ph and such of the water.
Use this kind of poison and fertilizer... Filter the water with expensive pumps, filters and carbon. Kill all the things you don't like with various kinds of poison.
I use no chemicals or filters or pumps anywhere in the design. Except for an air pump for the fish, but that's probably unnecessary. It's more for decoration.

Do not put bug zappers near your garden or pond as it will kill the good bugs.
I'm pretty sure my bug zapper with the octenal lure is only killing the things that irritate me, like lacewings and mosquitos. June bugs bounce off and become bullfrog food. Maybe it eats the occasional ladybug, but we live next to irrigation ditches and without it going outside is impossible.

Don't bury hoses or extension cords underground.
OK, that's probably a good idea actually but with a GFCI it didn't stop me! I even buried the extension cord alongside the hose. A separate hose is used to drain excess water and prevent overflow and feeds 3 fruit trees in the area.

Total cost of the garden was about $50 bucks; Mostly spent on the grey block for the center platform and walkway. Using old crappy hoses for the supply line and an old birdbath for the fountain helped as well. The beds were made by chopping up river cane (kinda like bamboo) with an angle grinder.

The dog is named Toby. The boy is named Lee. I've redone the beds recently and will post more pictures later.
My Garden 2014
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And we'll leave it all behind, and the nightmares... I'll fill them in good time.
And soon they will seat your mind, and when the light hits maybe you'll ask me...

Oh, Halloween... Carry on!
Bury all, bury all, bury all!
...Love is not me here.

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OMG Who wrote that commercial?! That's the best commercial ever. Seriously. Too bad I don't live in California.

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Forget that!!! First Amazon is toodling a damn helicopter full of peanuts to Donald Trump and the next thing you know FedEx micro-missiles are crashing through my roof!
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