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Many people feel that Android Marshmallow doesn't 'deserve' its 6.0 version number. This post does a good job of illustrating that Marshmallow is, in fact, a big deal!
Some people believe that Android M doesn’t deserve the title of Android 6, mainly because it isn’t as big of an overhaul as previous Android 1.x releases have been or because it doesn’t accompany the visual changes we’ve seen on previous 1.x releases.

While on some level this is true, going over the long list of improvements does really put into perspective how big of an update M truly is.

Let’s go over all the features we will(or might) see on Android M:
• Now on Tap
• Permissions Management
• SD Cards can be “merged” with internal storage
• Android Pay
• Native fingerprint authentication
• Automatic app data backups
• App Links (you’re going to see less of those “what do you want to open this in?” prompts)
• Doze and App Standby
• Multi Window(currently hidden, uncertain future)
• Theming support(currently hidden, uncertain future)
• Dark theme(removed, uncertain future)
• Customisable Quick Toggles along with other UI tweaking
• Visual Voicemail Support
• Redesign of the Clock Widget and Music Identification Widget
• New “Memory” Section in Settings(it was there before, but hidden)
• Support for deleting screenshots directly through the notification centre after they’ve been taken
• Landscape mode available for the Google Now Launcher(feature will likely be backported to older versions of Android)
• New app and widget drawer with scroll bar support and vertical scrolling
• Built-In File Manager receives a bump in functionality
• Native tap to wake support
• Ability to disable “heads up” or “peeking” notifications
• Native 4K output support
• Stricter APK validation
• MIDI support
• USB Type C support
• New boot animation
• Introduction of a “voice interaction” API to allow better interaction with voice actions in apps
• Toggling battery saver by voice
• Ability to undo and redo text changes with bluetooth keyboard shortcuts
• Multi-selection to merge, delete or share has been added in the contacts application
• Faster text selection along with a floating toolbar for text actions
• Default apps UI
• Direct share can allow you directly share stuff with contacts through the share menu
• Much more granular app info
• Native bluetooth stylus support
• Split-screen keyboard
• Mobile radio active bug will be fixed
• Better do not disturb along with repeat caller exceptions
• Bluetooth scanning to improve location accuracy
• Native flashlight API
• Easier access to Multi volume controls(ringer, media, alarm)
• Smoother volume scrubbing (credits to Jason Efstathiou)

Putting all those features aside there are also a number of under-the-hood improvements that seem to have had a very positive impact on both performance and power usage.

I’m puzzled as to how someone could call this a “minor” update. 

Credits: +Android Police​​​
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Did not know all of this, cheers :)
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Danny Holyoake

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Google Hangouts is social
I wish Google took other social stuff (like Instant Messaging) as seriously at it once took Google+. Other companies are investing billions here and Hangouts continues to be neglected. 
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Danny Holyoake

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Why do cyclists ride in the middle of the road?
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Feels good, man.

#androidm #finally
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My wife replaced the battery in her car key this week without any help from me.
I'm pretty sure I've outlived my usefulness in this relationship.
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What coming back to a code base after two weeks of vacation feels like.
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Why you need comments
I swear The Verge turned off comments because they were tired of getting yelled at for screwing up posts like this.

"The goal, says Sony, is to develop new software "from the ground up," meaning no Google Play Services or superfluous apps, just the core Google communications software and Sony's stack of custom apps like Camera, Music, and Xperia Lounge."

The second half of this sentence contradicts the first. You can't have Google apps without Google Play Services—they wouldn't work. Also releasing Android without Google Play Services would be in violation of the "anti-fragmentation clause" in their MADA contract and Google would pull their Google Play license.  

They don't even link to the actual Sony blog post so people can get the correct information. (it's here: )

IF The Verge had comments turned on, this post would be getting ripped to shreds. Now they can misinform people in peace. 
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We've seen reports of a possible Huawei Nexus phone before, and the day before this new article here came out (, one of our good sources reached out to say there is indeed a Huawei Nexus planned, in 5.7" size.

Now with today's report, I am more confident in that rumor.

What's more interesting, the source also mentioned a second Nexus phone this year - an LG, with a planned 5.2" screen size. If Google indeed rolls with both, it'd be the first time two Nexus phones came out in the same year - a strategy that makes a whole lot of sense to me as not everyone is into behemoths like a Nexus 6.

It's still extremely early in the year, and last year, as we've seen, plans changed drastically throughout the year and resulted in a totally different phone becoming a Nexus than was planned in the first half of 2014. So yeah, early rumors are early rumors, don't treat them as facts, and they're almost surely going to change.

Once I feel confident enough in these rumors, they'll graduate to +Android Police. 
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Danny Holyoake

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I voted for King Stannis. He's the only one who genuinely cares for the realm. #ge2015 #fortherealm #stannisthemannis
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So. Freaking. True.

Google should give all Nexus 9 users some Google Play credit for this mess.
Artem Russakovskii originally shared:
I'm sure there's a reason for not seeing 5.1.1, but I just can't take Nexus 9 seriously anymore.

I booted mine up yesterday, and it was so laggy, it was absolutely unusable. Worse than Asus tablets or the Nexus 7 2012, which is an absolute dog. Great investment, eh? 
You know how the Nexus 9 is still waiting to get the Android 5.1 update? Well, there's an OTA update rolling out right now that isn't Android 5.1. Whe... by Ryan Whitwam in Device Updates, Lollipop 5.0/5.1, News, Nexus 9
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Danny Holyoake

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This might be the first ever instance of handwriting input that I've found actually fairly reliable. Neat.
Google Handwriting Input allows you to handwrite text on your phone or tabl...
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Friendly staff, amazing tea (seriously, be adventurous and pick something you wouldn't normally have. You can thank me later!) and when I was there the staff were having their own Bake-Off meaning free cake-tasting for everyone!
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Terrific views, then had a sudden burst of hard snow that made Glasgow look almost mystical.
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Great food however the service was very slow.
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