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Why we need to remove the stigma of teen depression

"Suicide has become the 2nd leading cause of death among Canadians aged 15 – 34, according to statistics provided by the University of Guelph. That does not count the number of students who have considered suicide or who have dropped out due to depression or other mental health-related issues."

I'm proud to be a founding part of this organization - please support in any way you can (sharing, donation, request a bench).

Thank you.

The Friendship Bench aims to install a bench in every school and post-secondary faculty across Canada, to help remove the stigma around youth depression.
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Finally getting to look at this +Danny Brown. I keep forgetting your a Canadian lol Unfortunately all of the universities I'm connected to are in the U.S. right now but I'm more than happy to become an avid advocate. I see in my students first hand what depression can do to them. And it kills me when they do open up to me only to reveal that they feel like they have no one to talk, no friends, few family. This is a fantastic initiative! Maybe in talking to people on campus I'll find a fellow instructor who knows someone in a Canadian school lol you never know!

Danny Brown

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I guess they mean "digital insights" for one piece of tech only. And one country only....
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Is that on desktop or mobile? ;-)

Danny Brown

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Using the fear

Fear is a good thing. Fear is what spurns us to experiment. Fear is what leads us to overcoming hurdles and reaching far higher plateaus on the other side.

In short, fear is our friend.
Fear is a stumbling block. But we only stumble if we’re in the dark. Isn’t it time we switched the lights on?

Danny Brown

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I watched this movie (finally) with my wife tonight. And all I could think was, "I want to live."
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Sigh, another one to add to the "want to see but will likely never have time for" pile. 

Danny Brown

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Metaphorically speaking, if Google+ was to go away tomorrow...

What would happen to all the blogs that use Google+ Comments as their primary (or even sole) comment area?

Years of comments gone?
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Danny Brown

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The definition of "actually work"

So this post popped up in my Facebook feed, about "11 examples of Facebook ads that actually work (and why)".

So I click over to the HubSpot post it links to, to gain the insights that clearly await.

Do you think I find examples of Facebook ads that "actually work"? If you were like me and thought "actually work" meant driving brand goals, and seeing the results of that, then you'd be disappointed.

If you thought "actually work" meant they followed Facebook's best practices, then you'd be in luck, because that's what the post shares.

So, no results but good design = "actually work" these days.

Until you learn that the HubSpot post was "originally published in June 2012 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness."

Oh, well, that's good then. Does that mean "actually work" meant something different in 2012 than it does three years later?

Personally I would love to see the 2015 definition of "actually work" mean ROI, lead gen, bottom line impact, and profit from increased brand awareness and Facebook ad goals.

Is that asking too much?
11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why) -
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Not a fan of Hubspot or their advice. Seems like a service for companies with money to burn and no common sense.

Danny Brown

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You know what I'm a fan of? Companies taking ownership and doing right by their users (and the audience of their users).

So kudos to +Postmatic for stepping up and owning this issue, and updating subscribers to +Cendrine Marrouat's blog as well, so her content isn't impacted.

Well played, guys.

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+Danny Brown Absolutely! I wrote a case study on Dell years ago (and included it in my latest book). I don't like their products but their customer service is top notch. That's what Postmatic reminds me of. 
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Danny Brown

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We All Need to Be Trainspotters

Just because we don’t find appreciation in the passion and life goals of someone doesn’t mean our own passions and life goals are so good. Everyone has a different place to be, and takes a different path to get there.

Instead of finding fun in that, perhaps if we found appreciation for their love of what they’re passionate about, we might just truly appreciate the thing we’re trying to find, too.

#appreciation   #pureblogging  
We take things for granted, or make fun of things we don't understand. Wouldn't a mindset of appreciation be a better approach?
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Wow, thanks , +Danny Brown. I've been preoccupied with my in-laws who were visiting this past week, so I missed your newsletter. So fun to see it now. Very cool- I really appreciate your blurb and link.

Perception becomes reality. Great point. Even our brain's neuroplasticity conspires to make it so. We can believe things into being true for ourselves.

Danny Brown

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No introduction needed

For the sake of our mothers, sisters and daughters around the world, naivety is a better start than no start at all when it comes to respecting and protecting women.
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I'm impressed with the fact that you wrote this piece +Danny Brown as well as how you wrote it, what you chose to say and the examples you chose to call upon to make your point.

+Pam Adger you said it well. There is nothing that justifies violence against women. And as far as I'm concerned, although physical harm bears the most obvious signs, that particular brand of violence, the kind against women, isn't even always physical.

It's attitudinal, it's emotional, verbal, psychological. A built-in, ready made disease to that's world-wide. But thankfully, it's a disease that not everyone one has. And Danny, I always love it when a man stands up this way on behalf of women. It's on behalf of men also, as it turns out. Because, after all, we are all here together and we do kinda sorta need (and want) each other. Men and women.

Danny Brown

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Be proud of every single word

Lazy content enriches no-one. Not the blogger, and certainly not the reader, despite what they believe. And on and on the circle grows, until we’re all back at square one and no-one cares.

Lazy content enriches no-one. Not the blogger, and certainly not the reader, despite what they believe.
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+Andrij Harasewych Yep. And while we continue to share that crud, they'll continue to do it. Let's offer less of an incentive. ;-)

Danny Brown

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Good piece from the +Postmatic guys, and interesting comments.
"You would be amazed at how many email addresses are sitting in your database doing nothing."
View original post
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While I am totally in support of blog comments (not able to deal with spams is no excuse, an intern can do this job, also there are plugins mentioned for help).

Still I prefer to comment here on G+ most of the times. I don't know why? It's the love for the platform or state of mind. I have no idea!

Danny Brown

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It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it

When it comes to social media, there’s a widely held belief that automation is wrong and that all engagement should be human and one-to-one.

When talking about automation, social media gurus and consultants will offer a bunch of reasons why social media automation is wrong.

While there may be valid points, they’ve also got business owners and marketers questioning the value of automation in the social space and wondering whether it’s destroying the fabric of social media’s early promise.

And while I can agree—to a point—that it can be bad when it’s implemented wrong, I’m also a supporter of automation and disagree that it’s “stealing social’s soul.”
Effective social media marketing involves a two-pronged approach: smart businesses put both automation and engagement to work to connect with their target audience.
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LOL. I wasn't really a big fan of that song, so didn't really follow their musical career. They're just stored in the vault for music questions on trivia night!
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