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Danika Atkins
MBA and Online Marketing Professional
MBA and Online Marketing Professional

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Anyone remember when movie theater snacks were popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos? Seems like more theaters are moving towards robust menus including coffee, baked goods, frozen yogurt, and sandwiches. What type of food do you wish movie theaters would offer at snack stands?

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Cars from the Saratoga Wine and Food Festival.

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This place has been teasing me for more than a year now. Anyone have the inside scoop on when it will finally open? 

Google+ is like that distant relative that I never call, but it is important for businesses in terms of claiming and refining their online presence. Anyone found a good use for it on a personal level?

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So, Google doesn't allow you to associate two gmail addresses with one Google+ account. This, I'm takin' it back. Plus, I'm one of the lucky few with a vanity URL: :)
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