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First Nextbook #Tablets with #Windows Available For Purchase - 10" with Keyboard $179, 8" $149 - See more at:
Electronics maker E Fun, known for its affordable Android tablets, has entered the Windows market with a pair of sub-$200 slates. The officially announced Nextbook 10.1-inch with detachable keyboard and quietly released 8-inch model can be pre-ordered now for $179 and $149, respectively.
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According to Flexbook support 8/8/2015  the free year Office 365 is only available on the older models. i.e. the 10.1 inch screen model....Not the flex 11.6 screen model.
+dean huber Thanks for pointing this out, Dean. I have removed Office 365 from the specs sheet of the 11.6" Flexx. However, the Flexx 10.1" released in 2015 does come with Office 365, just like the last year's 10.1" and 8" Nextbook models.
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