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So I saw your article ( on the ''ASUS Q551LN-BBI706 15.6″ CONVERTIBLE LAPTOP'' When you click the best buy link and chose to purchase it, it says it could only be picked up and when you look for stores it says it can't be found anywhere. I searched everywhere on google and did not find anything like it except the Asus flip TP500LN so if you have any idea on where to buy or what to type to find a site where i can order it from that would be great!
Best Buy has published the product page of the laptop just recently. I assume they don't have it in stock yet. The Asus Q-series laptops are usually available only at Best Buy, so I don't think you'll be able to find it elsewhere. If you wan't exactly that model, I advise you to wait a couple of days and check BB site again. Meanwhile, if you don't need the dedicated video card, i7 CPU, and built-in DVD, you can check out this similar (and cheaper) model: 
I broke the touchscreen digitizer on my asus Q550lf-bsi7t07.  does anyone know where to find the replacement part?
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