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Always be happy!
Always be happy!


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Raspberry pi cover v2 (supports SE208BW!).
This cover features a cooling system (an old cooling fan from a Pentium IV), an automatical external power switch with an optional diode bridge, a 12 volt power plug that can be used by car adaptors (or to power the Pi!) and three buttons connected to the raspberry pi. Everything can run either on 8x1.5 volt batteries or from an external 12V AC/DC power source.
It also supports the SE208BW, a router with a built in dvd burner.
And here's how I created the external power switch circuit:
I connected the + of the power plug and the cooler to a relay, then connected the normally closed contacts to the batteries through two switches. This way I can turn on and off the cooler and the power plug when they aren't needed.
Then I connected the normally open contacts and the power of the relay to another three position switch that has the function of bypassing the diode bridge (because it acts as a small resistance and I don't really need it all of the time).
If you're confused you can take a look at the diagrams.
In the diagrams the two lamps are actually the cooler and the plug.
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[bug] I noticed that when I go to the download folder and then change directory the files are still listed, like in the download folder, by date and not by name.
I think you could easily fix this by adding a Boolean if condition that should be run each time the user changes directory: if the string of the current directory has the word Download in the end, then change directory sorting by size and set a variable like lastdirwasdl to 1, else if the variable lastdirwasdl equals to 1, set it to 0 and set the default sorting.

[Suggestion] I think that you should introduce users to the side bar during the first load tutorial: I had a friend that didn't even know it existed before I showed it to him!

[SUGGESTION] I think that you should add an option to select the number of cpu cores used while compressing or uncompressing files: it would be a useful feature, in my opinion.

[SUGGESTION] I think that you should add a hide button for the extraction progress: it would be very useful for multitasking users.

I noticed that sometimes your server is very slow and it takes ages to download just a little file (the zip plugin for example), so I would like to recommend CloudFlare's free CDN/DNS to cache frequently downloaded files (on the server side) + fastly's CDN (pretty darn fast, free with github pages, though I'm not sure if this is what you need because all of the files hosted on github pages are publicly accessible in a git repo and in order to create private repos you have to pay).
I am using fastly + cloudflare on my website and it is really fast.

[BUG] I noticed that percentage doesn't work if I'm extracting a rar file (mine was password protected): the file was extracted anyway, but the status bar stayed at 0% all of the time.
Also why are you downloading the p7za binary (zip plugin) manually? Can't you just include it in the app (and then keep only the binaries for the current architecture, deleting the others on first load)?
I'm asking this because sometimes your server is very slow and it takes ages to download just a little plugin.

About the speed of your website, here's my suggestion:
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