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Daniel van Os
Burst at the seams, be what you dream, and take to the road.
Burst at the seams, be what you dream, and take to the road.

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It was time to add a few chapters to the story of me and my scanner ;)
The story of me and my scanner
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Farewell breakfast...
When a Dutchman, South African & a Malaysian walk into a diner....
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How will it end? #glyphhanger
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Goodbye Google, my old friend
I might never talk with you again
Because a deadline softly creeping
months forward while I was sleeping.
And the plus ones that were granted on my posts
Won't remain
Within the shares on G Plus.
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A couple of months ago, while I was eagerly awaiting the Prime beta, I did a test run in the portal cluster near my work. I neutralized them all and with a decent amount of keys already available I started to field them:

- Start timer
- Deploy
- Glyph hack for more keys
- Link while moving from portal to portal (according to the plan I've been using for 4 years or so now)
- Walk back to the start and throw the missing links.
- Stop timer

I was able to complete this in 15 minutes.

A few days later the wait was over... Ingress Prime 2.3.0 was downloading, yet from the first experiments I realized I would never be able to complete the same task in 15 minutes. I had to wait a few more days before the cluster was green so I could repeat the same test.

It took me 25 minutes this time.

Not only that: I was dizzy and very tired.

In the following weeks I did try the test a few more times as new versions became available. There were one or two specific changes after which I was able to play without getting dizzy but the time needed for the test run was reduced only slightly. This was mainly because much of the delays were related to glyphing and linking and the bugs behind them got fixed later on.

Near the end of the beta I wasn't playing that much anymore.

However, the second I found the 'Recursion' button in the first public release I clicked it.

It felt liberating. Prime is far from perfect but somehow starting over, having bigger issues (aka X1 bursters) than Prime and having a motivation to play again (other than 'yay more ap') has kept me from switching back to [redacted].

And strangely... the more annoying things in Prime are actually different ones than that I thought would be. Probably at first during the beta my mindset was comparing Prime to 1.x, but Prime is not 1.x and is not supposed to be 1.x. I'm half way between level 6 and 7 and I have only used Prime since recursing.

This morning I did my test run again.

I finished it in 17 minutes.

Looking back, going from 25 to 17 minutes for this test was the result of:

- The progress in Prime. Between version 2.3.0 and 2.11.2 Ingress Prime has made huge steps, if the differences between 2.11 and 2.19 are of the same magnitude I'd be very happy.
- Having had plenty of time to get used to Prime. I do not dread playing anymore (which I really did with 2.3.0), though I still have to overcome a bit of resistance every time I need to work with capsules.
- But just as much... unlearning the way things were in Ingress 1.x.
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Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain
And I'll be back again,
and again
and again
and again
and again
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What goes around comes around. #niantic #ambassador #recursionprime

I had heard about Ingress around this time, but ignored it because I did not have an Android phone (Ingress was never released on Bada, Samsung's own operating system).

It does feel like I missed the most exciting part of the investigation because of this, but who knows what the Prime Universe will bring. I say again "Have we started?"
6th Anniversary of the Investigation

Exactly six years ago (plus one day because I can't post on time), on November 1st 2012, the website started leaking information about the Niantic Project, the NIA and the Ingress scanner into the public. Six years later, we are about to enter a new universe with Ingress Prime.

I'm sure that over those years, investigators all over the world have made precious memories. Share your best memories with #6TruthseekingYears on G+ or Twitter. We'll give out some passcodes for good stories. Pictures are preferred ;)

#InvestigationDay #6TruthseekingYears +Ingress +Andrew Krug +H. Richard Loeb +John Hanke +Ishira Tsubasa +Dominik Schönleben
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"Have we started?" #niantic #ambassador

Wow, if that was a sign of things to come... looking forward to more case studies.

No more teasing:
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Öcher Einhörner meet Tukker Eenhoorns on Mallorca... for the win! #niantic #ambassador #recursionprime
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