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Are schools too easy?

A recent survey shows that millions of students don't find their academic classes to be challenging. Yet in recent months, reports of administering too many exams has shown to be a stress-inducer.
How do you make classes more challenging without administering more exams or allowing any students to fall behind?
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Keeping my children challenged and engaged has been a huge issue in our household. More tests doesn't teach them. Projects that engage multiple disciplines have been really effective. The tough thing is, these types of projects demand a lot from teachers, students and parents - and it's hard for the school to quantify and measure. It's a real shame more academics don't turn out that way.  

In 3rd grade my son had to do a rain forest project. Each student had to pick an animal, research and write a report. 5th graders peer graded the paper and gave them feedback. They had to be typed (in class). Then they had to make a papier maiche of their animal and use fluorescent paint. The teacher set up a huge classroom with black lights and we all toured the rain forest. Also, students had to verbally present to the class. It was amazing. He used, science, language arts, art, computers, public speaking and teamwork in one project. He had to balance a long term project and learn how to pace. His teacher had to guide them, step by step on how to research and write a paper. He had to learn about word processing. It cost us money in art supplies and we had to spend a lot of time monitoring his progress at home.

He loved every minute of it.
Trough every one in education field has tried to do better with persons trying to educate. It is obvious that every person desire to learn has increased rapidly by appearence of internet in the public domain.Would I change the basic format of education ? No. What i would increase possiblties subjects to learn to those pupil that desire so,and make sure they get the necesary credits to graduate faster and more knowldgeable.Personally i don,t see myself qualified to suggets changess specially with my carelessness about spelling.If i was to write books definetly would hire a editor.Books should be correct cover to covet.
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