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Danielle Rojas
Lover of technology, the mind, and a good story.
Lover of technology, the mind, and a good story.

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"From geometric to cursive to regular script, there is no such thing as one calligraphic style for a language. Sometimes there is even no such thing as one script per language." It's fascinating to not only analyze the differences within one written language let alone in connection to others, but also to marvel at the construction, style, and evolution of writing.

via +Samuel Smith.

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Calligraphy porn.  Go forth and be amazed at the number of ways cultures have made themselves literate.

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This book is going straight to the top of my list.

Thanks for sharing +Wayne Radinsky.

David J. Peterson invented Dothraki and High Valyrian, fictional languages from Game Of Thrones, Shiväisith for the movie Thor: The Dark World, and four languages (one of which is Castian, but the article does not say what the other three are) for the SyFy show Defiance. If you want to know how he does it, he wrote a book, The Art Of Language Invention.

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For those wanting an online Wikipedia alternative. I'll have to bookmark the site to remember to try it next time I'm searching for information.

via +Russ Abbott
A very nice article on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [SEP] ( It is authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date, something that virtually no other Internet site can claim.

The end of the article suggests that other fields could do something similar: an Encyclopedia of Computer Science or Economics or Biology. It's a lot of volunteer work, but potentially of great public value. 

Attempts to create something along these lines include Google's Knol ( and Scholarpedia ( Both failed. Citizendium (, which was more narrowly focussed also failed. To get something like this started for a particular discipline would probably require support from both high profile individuals and organizations in the discipline as was the case with SEP.

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How foreigners view American habits like laughing and putting their feet on stuff. Plus, there's a "cult of everyday heroes."

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There's liquid water on Mars.

via +Yonatan Zunger.

#nasa #mars #water #discovery
There is liquid water flowing on Mars. It's briny (full of perchlorate salts), which is what keeps it liquid even at Martian temperatures, but it's there and flowing just beneath the surface, so that you can see the wetting of the soil above it from orbit. 

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In this video, you can actually see radiation pouring out of uranium. Take a moment to see the universe in a new way...

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Don't blink!
Feast your eyes tonight on a rare #SuperBloodMoon , a total lunar eclipse and a full moon at its closest point to Earth ("at perigee"), which will create a reddish moon that appears larger than normal:

Credit: CNBC, Stan Honda 

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We can all make a difference.

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Lunar eclipse on Sunday, September 27th. +Google can celebrate a very sweet 17th under the #SuperBloodMoon :)

via +Hudson Ansley.

Get set for a superlative eclipse. On Sunday night, September 27 in the Americas (early Monday morning for Europe and Africa) the Full Moon will slide into Earth’s shadow in total eclipse. This is no ordinary Full Moon. It’s the Harvest Moon, the full…
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