Last Sunday, I met a man in his late-thirites whose entire home had been destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. Three of his neighbors had drowned, he told me, and others had been rescued by helicopter from their rooftops during the storm. Walking down Grimsby Street, located in the Midland Beach neighborhood of Staten Island, it was easy to spot his roof, which lay next to his house with “NEED FEMA. HOUSE STRUCTURE” inscribed on it. He had been waiting for FEMA to come for two days. He wasn’t one of those people who was going to complain, he just wanted them to assess and condemn his place. We tried to call the FEMA representative we had met earlier that day; she didn’t answer. We offered him food and asked if we could help him with anything else. He thanked us but declined, saying others were much worse off and needed the food more than he does. Tears streaming down his cheeks, he thanked us profusely for being there and for all that we’re doing, for all that everyone is doing.

It's going to be a long, slow recovery. Please join me in helping out for the long haul.
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