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Two years ago, +Will Turnage , +Ulla Kjarval , +Melissa Mcewen and Michael O'Dea  developed a prototype for a digital tool that would help small farmers sell every part of their animals to a wider audience. The result was, an online marketplace for the group buying of whole animals.

But they soon realized they had underestimated the complexities of butchering  and meat processing logistics, which eventually stopped their development of the tool.

Will's still convinced there are many ways to disrupt the meat industry through software. Perhaps it could be a subscription meat-of-the-month club. Or a custom ordering system for small-scale, local butcher shops. Got any ideas of your own? 
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I had to make some decisions when I did my project-- namely, I used the Canadian butchering models instead of the UK or European models. Because different cuts have different yields, when a meat split is set up the organizer starts with pre-established ratios based on the meat's weight, but then it can be tweaked to fit what you actually have. I like the slider idea from it's a cool approach.
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