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Finally a "Trending on Google+" topic that speaks to me!
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I've been seeing that around for a while now and I have no idea what it refers to.
The TV show "Community"
Yeah +Paul Echeverri , it is a reference to Community who's Season 3 finale (actually the last 3 episodes) was last night. T and I just watched it tonight, and it made me very happy. One of the episodes was an 8-bit video game. If you have not seen it, you can watch all 3 seasons on Hulu+
Also, this is my first ever public post. So there you have it teh interwebz: I like Community and am otherwise an enigma.
I don't understand the catchphrase. Didn't season 3 like, just end?
The catchphrase is aspirational, and references a line made by two characters in Season 2 about how an idealized arc for a favorite TV show would be for it to run 6 seasons and then have a movie based on it. Community was only narrowly renewed for a 13 episode 4th season after a mid-season hiatus, and so the "sixseasonsandamovie" has become a catchphrase for fans who want the show to continue on.
That said, they just announced that Dan Harmon (the showrunner and creator) won't be back for season 4. :( I'm really worried that "Community" won't be "Community" anymore.
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