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Bringing the new Google+ to more people

Last November, ( we introduced a preview on web of a fully redesigned Google+ to make it easier for people to discover and connect around unique and interesting things. From a Japanese astronaut sharing his experience in the International Space Station ( to food lovers sharing their passion for breadmaking (, people are using Google+ to explore their interests more than ever.

Since introducing the new version, twice as many Collections are followed per day and there are 1.6 million daily new Community joins. Many of you have also shared feedback and requests, and we’ve been listening (

Today, we’re announcing three new updates for Google+.

First, some new features. You can now have richer conversations by adding links and photos to your comments. We’re also offering Community owners and moderators more control over who posts what with approved posting. Finally, we're launching a new notifications center on the web where you can see and manage your recent activity on Google+. These features will be available across the web, Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Second, if you haven’t yet previewed the new Google+, over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.

Finally, businesses have told us that they’ve found Google+ to be a valuable way to help employees share ideas and expertise via Collections and Communities, and we’re looking forward to making it available to more organizations. Today, Google Apps users already using Google+ ( will also see the new experience ( when they sign in and in the next few weeks, Google+ will become a core Google for Work service.

From the interesting (, to the surprising (, and the delightful (, we hope Google+ continues to help you discover amazing things from passionate people.
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Amazing update! 2 questions: when will we get emoji support for web? And when will we get picture in comments for mobile? 
+Vinoth Ragunathan Thanks Vinoth! As per usual we're rolling the update out gradually across web, iOS and Android over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
What about Events? Are those coming back in the new G+ ?

The issue I have with the New G+, which I've posted about multiple times, is that it's LESS social. Instant messaging (hangouts) is integral to social interaction, and really, is the next step in building a relationship from commenting on a post. Removing the chat bar is a huge step backwards. Instagram ADDED the ability to message people, and you're forcing us to go to a separate page for it?
Events, tying in person meetings to your social's brilliant! It works, it captures and creates the BEST memories. Getting all of our photos in on place, with ease. No new communities, collections, or whatever, just schedule, and post, and done! This was the one platform that made social interactions in the real world show up in the virtual world easy.
Oh, and two column setup? I dislike it. I love it when I come across one of those large 3 column photos, taking up all that space, and looking awesome. Now, everything is the same size. Way to go, you have now made G+ a two column facebook.
I hope a new product to replace Google Picasa is in the works.
Will be ever a posibility to add a photo to a specific album, like in classic Google+? I just want my photos from posts to be grouped nicely.
Hello +Danielle Buckley,
I sent a request to Create in order to obtain a certified profile, I'd like to know when I will receive an answer. Thank you very much ! have a good day !
also, I REALLY hope they improve the search options in the new G+. Google IS a search company after all.... I really miss the 'from my circles' and 'from me' options. 
+Emmanuelle Dupuis Create is currently only in English and Portuguese. We'll be sure to update you if we expand the program to French. Great Collections by the way! :-)
+Самуил Лембас Thanks for the feedback! We're always looking for ways to improve, so it's useful to have.

And a general reminder that the best way to get feedback to our team is via the "send feedback" option. That ensures that we see it and track it the right way! Thanks folks.
I would love to use the "new" Google+ someday, but right now, it just doesn't offer the same functionality that "classic" did. Once it does, I will re-consider using it. (Though I do not like the way you can see only one comment, and it abbreviated, until you select a "card" post)
Filters are still missing so I will not return to Google+...
What is the plan for events? I really want events in the new G+. This is really a deal breaker for me. We do photo contests with them. What will replace that?
I love Google plus. I check around 100 times a day (I don't even think that's an exaduration to be honest...) whereas i check fb once every few days, because their app and the entire service as a whole is horrible, battery draining and i see complete crap i couldn't care less about. Whereas Google plus is only the stuff you want to see and care about, without a billions of adds taking up your news feed, without forcing you to use services you don't want to, and on Google plus it's more about discovering and finding new people, what fb was originally for, but fb failed at this. Fb is more about family and current friends. And google plus is finding some of the most awesome people and building new relationships. I honestly have so many great things to say about G+!
thank you very much Google + every day is getting better :)
Google + need to make user-friendly for ordinary users
Please to improve the Help. Make it intellectual :)
Help should be provided in the context of what the user is doing - in the right place at the right time :)
A pop-up window with tips and links to help at a time when the user feels the need.
It is important to normal attitude to the users.
People need to understand what is happening or they will quickly lose interest in the product and go :(

There are typical of the situation in which many users have difficulty interacting with Google +.
It is in these situations, the system should provide timely assistance,
Briefly and clearly, with reference to the rules.

In Google+ process of interaction with a user should be changed in order to involve user into development of the social network.
Google should to change its attitude to interaction with its users, learn to listen its users and send response to users, that they will understand, that they had been listened.
The feedback in Google+ should be more social. Current feedback form is suitable for bug-reporters, but not suitable for suggestions about improvements and does not provide feedback for users.
Developers do not comment even the most popular requests, so users feel that their opinion is ignored by developers.
To improve interaction with users Google can make an official community in Google+ where users can post their suggestions about improvements in Google+ and Google can connect it with feedback form.
Each post will be automatically placed in feedback form. In such way developers will be working feedback form, that is suitable for them but uses will be able to discuss it in community.
Google will involve users in developing of Google+ and will increase the speed of development of the Google+ :)
I guess we would never get permalinks for comments.
+Danielle Buckley​​​​ the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and the last 3 links have weird behaviors when clicked. So all links that link to another Google+ post??

It appears to open a Chrome Custom Tab but that screen and Google+ will both close and take me to my home screen.

I have to click on the Google+ icon and then I am shown a dialog box where I can choose which Google account I want to view the link with.

Only then is the content shown.

By the way, no other link has that issue.

+Luke Wroblewski​​​ the 4th comment links to your article. However, the link in your post (that directs to this post) also has this same problematic behavior as described above.
Google Plus still evolving despite 5 years since launched

+Christopher Rucinski Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully we've fixed the first one. Still trying to figure out what might be going wrong for you on the last 3 links though.
Can we have the G+ Events back? They're essential for the +Ingress Community. 
Tim P
+Danielle Buckley what about the option to turn off seeing what others "+1"? How's that coming along? I've reported this numerous times.
+Danielle Buckley thanks for these great updates but, please, bring us back the chat integration, it's the only lack that prevents me from switching to the new interface.
+Danielle Buckley These are all great and appreciated, but the key functionality of being able to delete all photos from a posting without having to toggle through sometimes 20 or more photos to reach the "no photo" state is still sorely missing. When there are no photos appropriate to the posting, having to keep clicking and clicking to eliminate them just doesn't make a lot of sense!
You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.
That sounds eerily like a Windows 10 Upgrade dialog box.
+Luke Nallen​ not. no face recognition, no geotagging, no local non destructive raw editing. Picasa and G photos are not the same.. by any stretch...
No plans to rebuild Events (sad face) in their current form (say what? More info on this please?)
+Jim Harrington Google photos does have face recognition, it grouped everybody ive ever had in the view of photos. It also have geotagging where it will group photos in the same area. I'm not sure about editing though 
That awesome ! Any hope for a html5 vids one day ? (at least to allow decent looking gifs ?)
Fantastic to see these new changes coming! Many thanks for sharing +Danielle Buckley. I can't wait to start sharing images and links in comments. Not to mention, "Google+ will become a core Google for Work service." That's newsworthy right there :)
I like the tease. "any more info we can share right now" :)
I have been telling a number of communities to move to another platform for events since G+ obviously does not consider them a priority. I am glad to finally see some confirmation of that here.

We'll continue to move our communities to since event hosting and APIs around events are a critical, core feature for us. 
+Danielle Buckley, you probably can't respond to this question, but heavy on my mind is the ways that the new Google Spaces and G+ Collections are similar and could share in user experience patterns.

A G+ Collection is like a Space where only one person can curate posts. A Space is like a multi-user Collection with faster and richer commenting

I guess you could also say that a Space is like a private G+ Community with the ability to have animated gifs in the comments.

Why not grow allow these assets to share user experience patterns?
+Danielle Buckley since the change its been a struggle needing to access Events on iOS while going/at the event. I miss uploading photos to the event live. I've been in classic G+ just for events. Looking forward to its next form. Thanks for the update. Nice to know Google+ is still getting attention from the inside.
+Jesse Spangenberger​ my guess is that this issue is device / android versions / configuration dependent.

It only happens on links that take me to other Google+ content (like you observed).

However, it doesn't take me to that content I clicked on, but it tries to open it before it fails. Then it takes me to my Android Home screen instead.

Once I reopen Google+, I am automatically presented with a dialog to choose which Google account to view that content with, and then I can actually see the content.

Since I think I finally identified a possible and specific cause to this issue, I sent the Google+ team some feedback and they can view my system details and logs.
Chris Hill
+Danielle Buckley There is a fundamental issue with new G+ that needs addressing. I've sent feedback multiple times and no changes. In the new G+ to share with a specific circle or individual you have to click to post, click the inherited circles, click 'more', click to delete the inherited circles, then select who you want to post to.... and the finally you're ready to post. For a social sharing service, you've made sharing to specific circles and individuals multiple times more complex than on classic G+ (I have absolutely no interest in collections whatsoever, incidentally, and I primarily post privately and prefer to do so). This complicated way of posting compared to classic G+, plus loosing the chat list on the right side (I do not want a hangout app running all the time, thx) are the two reasons I've not moved over to new G+. If new G+ migration is forced and these issues remain, then my interaction level will drop off to negligible at best.

Seriously - who makes sharing more difficult on a social sharing site? Very frustrating O_o.
+Chris Hill Thanks for the feedback! We're definitely aware that sharing flows could use some improvement.
+Chris Weber Yes :)
Spice is a private social network that works in real-time.
comments Google + is also to be done in real time :) 
+Danielle Buckley that right there is far more feedback than I've ever for for reporting anything about G+ using the correct channels. Thank you for your response and comment that you're / G+ is aware of the sharing flow. I appreciate it, I hope it gets streamlined to allow private circle using users to post quickly. I appreciate your response.
+Danielle Buckley​ can we have immersive mode option on G+ for Android. I've been on an old version for almost a year just so I can have that.
Great news! Thanks! Still hoping for Google for Work users to see all posts shared within the domain. Having each employee manually follow each other employee in a 1500 employee company is not productive...
+Kyle Salewski Thanks for the feedback!

Also folks, I'm trying to respond to comments here, but for real the best way to get this stuff tracked is through "send feedback"
+Danielle Buckley immersive mode is when the notification bar at the top and navigation buttons on the bottom hide and the app expands to that area. I'd like to be able to have an option for that.
Good news! Please, consider bringing "share to Extended Circles" back from old g+ though: it's very handy to broadcast in a limited way, without either going public (not for me) or "Your Circles" (which is what I'm using, but allows less discoverability and reach.
+Danielle Buckley I think the 3 column feed continues to be a mistake. It's incredibly hard to parse and make sense of while you casually "browse".
Just switched to the new version. I can't stand 2+ column views, and with the 1-column view, window-width responsiveness seems backwards. In a full-screen window, the column is incredibly narrow and claustrophobic. With a narrower window, it opens back up to what I'm used to...!? (Chrome, OSX, 1280x800)
It's nice to know how many people want events!! It's not so nice that they aren't in the new G+.
I myself don't like
Peoples prayers contending with naked people sucking on each other's bodies and babies playing on next posts.. .. It has its ownplace and frankly it disturbs me..
It's place is not wanted on..front page.. Google plus is giving it a huge place.. Why???
Jacob Dix
Events and albums!!!!!!! 
Unrelated but I have to ask and I only hope you answer. Is Google+ still relevant from an SEO perspective?
Great announcement, +Danielle Buckley​! The progress with the new Google+ has been fantastic since the pilot was introduced. It's great seeing exciting new features like photos in comments starting to appear. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!
+Danielle Buckley should we not read into (too much) the iconography of the space ship and future Google Spaces integration?
Not too enthusiastic about it from a community owner's point of view. There was a huge discussion about how the work for community owners/moderators could be simplified and pretty obviously nothing happened in that regard. +Danielle Buckley , way back then you said that Google developers are listening and I guess that's all you did. Do you actually have forum moderators in your team who know what's needed to manage a forum/community? From what I see so far, you guys force me to doubt that:
1. no possibility to sort the member  list by joining date
2. not even a markup to spot new members at one glance

It even gets worse when it comes to the "new" G+:
To find a newly joined member, you have to click through your complete member list and look at the profile of each member to see if he/she is in your circles or not. You know that moderator/owner of a community is not a paid for job, don't you? Or would you like to click through like 600 members ( a small community) just to find the one that's not circled, like every day???

I stick with the classic G+ where I at least can see by scrolling through if a member is circled or not. Takes me about half an hour/day...
Ann G
+Danielle Buckley With Collections being the hot new thing, why aren't big announcement posts like this shared to a collection that users can opt into notifications for? As someone who loathes +1 shares (so much spam and porn!), I've had to put all the Google employees I follow into a circle that I don't see in my stream, which means I don't see announcements like this unless someone else shares them. I only got here because I opted into notifications from +Luke Wroblewski's Google Updates collection and he linked to it.
The updates sound great and I love especially how fast the new g+ feels.
But we really, really need events back. They're essential for managing our +Ingress communites. Without them tens of thousands of players will be forced to switch to other networks.
+Danielle Buckley  do you pick your collections randomly or is it a choice? The three you picked here don't look that awesome to me...
Meirav M.
+Danielle Buckley I've feedbacked more than once but have the feeling it's falling on deaf ears: I really can't use the new G+ as long as scrolling comments can't be turned off. I just physically can't read text when there's stuff moving on the screen. I was overjoyed to find the new UI came with an option to turn off GIFs from autoplaying, but then there's this instead, and it's worse because it's each and every post where there are comments.

which is why I feel rather scared hearing you say: "You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being." That "for the time being" bit seriously worries me. I live on G+, and this is like telling me an earth quake is coming and there'll be no escape.
The "New G+" is awful. Just for starters I never, ever, want a red header and borders surrounding text I'm trying to read. Changing things just to prove you're useful is a lousy idea.
Ah, thanks for clarifying +Yuriy Hlopko. Appreciate the feedback!
(and as always, please use "send feedback" to make sure this gets tracked appropriately)
Will I ever?
Why Oh why hasn't thus released earlier? Now that most people jumped the ship... Relaunch Google+ and make some real advertisement ffs. Maybe we can turn this thing around. Yay
Sounds great - but if you remove the ability to tell if someone is in your circles (or you are in theirs) just by looking at their profile, it ruins it for me... I NEED that icon and won't update until it's back in the "new" version.
Pat Kight
I really appreciate the update and the ongoing responsiveness to user Feedback (heaven knows I've sent a ton of it!) I've been using the New Plus almost since day 1, and in most ways find it superior to the "Classic," and the changes you detail here look like big steps in the direction of usability.

However, a couple of things are still significant barriers for some folks in the very active G+ photography communities:

~ As others have mentioned, the absence of Events, which were perfect for organizing photowalks and Community events, real and virtual
~ The relative clunkiness of the interface between G+ and Google Photos, which continues to confuse people who are trying to share their photos in G+ communities and collaborative projects. In particular, the inability to sort and reorder photos within Albums is a major gripe for many photographers, who find that functionality key to their ability to present their images as they want them to be seen.

Google doesn't seem to have addressed key comments on the new interface before pushing it to all users. Blocking and reporting features are less functional in the new version, and it does not support three-column display. The new look takes so much screen real estate (especially the big red top banner), it is barely legible on smaller screens. On mobile, I have to open links in the external browser to be able to read shared articles. On my desktop I reverted to old!plus and plan to keep doing so as long as necessary.
Is the update live already? I see nothing new here...
+shirley elam please report abuse on any "porn" content you see. Our policies explicitly prohibit it and we take the work of keeping Google+ streams in a great state for our users very seriously. We've got a whole team dedicated to catching and responding to issues, and are constantly improving both our algorithms and processes for catching problems. I'm sorry if we've let you down, but please believe me when I tell you we take your feedback on this issue very seriously. The best thing you can do to help us is to report anything you see!
Thanks for the shout-out to my lemurs!
+Danielle Buckley, is Google+ Events so costly to maintain that it is simply being jettisoned? It is something used extensively by many communities of which I am a member. I find it the best way to organize group events in my offline life, too. The new Google+ is superior in many ways, but I know many, many people who have refused to use to the new version simply because it does not have support for Events.

Please clarify: In the new Google+, will there be anything at all that functions like Events does in the current iteration of Google+? Yes or no?
+Danielle Buckley Google+ will become a core Google Apps (for Work/Education/Government) service. Google for Work includes Maps, Chrome, Cloud etc.
Killing off the events will scare away the ingress players. You don't want that. 
+Chris Weber Haha, I was just thinking it feels a bit like that to me! :-) I'm always happy to chat - having a bit of trouble keeping up with the activity here while working on launching though!
From what I see in the comments, you still haven't added events to the new G+ and may not ever do so. They are the number ONE feature we need for our community, so without them we'll go somewhere else.
Oh and don't bother telling me about the "send feedback" button, +Danielle Buckley. Never felt like I was heard when I was using it.
+Chris Weber possibly. However, the nice views of who responded what, lots of space for description and possibility of using the usual comments for discussion are all nice features. The old "Events" just feel better than calendar appointments.
No matter what you do with the new G+, it's irrelevant to me without Events. Such a core part of my social G+ interaction. Removing them is a huge mistake.
Calendars won't work for photo contests which is what we used events for.
I'm hearing from a lot of people that they really love G+ Events. I do hope that they don't lose all the user experience research they've gathered around how people socially interact with events. And I do think in the old "G+ as a social destination" concept that this place was it makes a lot of sense. But as a place that is focused on streams, collections, and communities it makes much less sense.

If you have a social site that provides Events, there's a lot of other things you probably need to provide around Events. Events are really such a big thing that it deserves to be catered to on it's own stand-alone site.

I'd be happy with either having existing event functionality back as-is, having Calendar revamped to make events be more social, or having a new stand-alone site for social event +Photo integration, + Social interaction
I love everything you guys are doing with G+ lately but really want you to bring Events to the new UI. That or put the same functionality into Calendar. I constantly find myself going to the Events URL manually to see and create events.
+Danielle Buckley, thank you for being so responsive, you're a trooper!

Is there any chance we'll get Extended Circles back? I'm part of a hobby sphere that has about 5,000 active G+ users but I've only got maybe a tenth of those in circles. It's nice to know my posts will be accessible to all those 5,000 people, but unlikely to be seen by (for example) a potential new boss searching for my name.
+Chris Weber I don't believe so. We need a collaborative functionality. I pick a theme and then several hundred people post a photo that matches the theme. The calendar aspects aren't too important but the ability for 200 people to each have a photograph and then make comments on their photo and other photos is essential.
Thanks +Joanna Piancastelli!

That's definitely feedback we've heard a bit of. We don't have anything planned with extended circles right now, but please do use the "submit feedback" function and we'll track your request. Definitely very helpful to understand your specific use-case, and we're making a big effort to be responsive to what we hear from folks who make G+ their home!
Well my feelings about porn didn't get any attention .. So.. I got my response.. None.,
So I suppose it's wanted by the powers that be.. wasted my time and yours., thanks..
Is it just me or is this thread updating in more real-time manner now?
+Margaret Tompkins if I'm not mistaken Google Photos can satisfy your use case. It can provide a shared photo album that many people can upload photos to and then comment on the individual photos. I think they don't have +1 interactions on photos but yes for commenting.
That's amazing. We use Google+ to stay un touch with our readers. Kudos for Google.
+Danielle Buckley​ Thank you for your continued hard work making Google+ great. But please take on board all the feedback in these comments (as well as correctly submitted feedback as you suggested of course) because a lot of people, including myself, are very unhappy with features being removed such as Hangouts, Photos and Events to name but a few.
We don't understand the logic behind removing such social features. Why not just keep adding features along with design refreshes instead of removing key features? It's truly mindboggling! Thank you for your time
Oh my dear Danielle ..I went away ., came back didnt
even look.. and assumed.,
I'm sorry.. I will do as you directed.. Thanks and forgive me..🤗🌿🍃🌹
+shirley elam thanks for digging it back up, and you're of course forgiven. I understand that we sometimes fail in our efforts to filter out porn/ spam, and definitely know it can be shocking when we fail. Just want to make sure you know we care and try hard! 
+Chris Weber Maybe I'm not understanding Google photos. You will have to elaborate. Do I invite people to post to my Google photos?

Danielle..Your attitude is right on .. And Google plus does care..
thanks for assuring me.. I always thought so.. I got scared ...😁😂.. I'm ok now..
+Margaret Tompkins very happy to elaborate.

In Google Photos, try this.
1. Create an album or access an album
2. Click the share button
3. Click the "Let others add their photos" slider.
4. Click the "Get Link" option
5. Copy the link it provides and share that with somebody.

You've just converted your album into being a shared album and allowed anyone with that link the ability to add photos to it.

My extended family went to Disney World last year and we used this to keep all the photos we were taking in one collective place.
I didn't like the update when it was introduced. Hopefully it's nice by the time it's forced on us. 
+Phil Nolan well that's subjective. But I think it's very nice. Seldom overwhelming, and it satisfies my urge to collect and share knowledge.

Try giving it a week or two and see if your initial concerns are strong enough to make you stop using it.
+Danielle Buckley about this part: "[..]over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being."

When G+ introduced the new design, it was a rather severe step backwards in UI/UX design and functionality - has this been addressed? Is there functional parity between the 2 (new and classic G+), and are the UI "faux pas"s fixed?

How long can we expect to be able to use the classic UI for G+ ?
+Chris Weber OK, I remember doing this for some of the scavenger hunts though it was a private share. Where do I find Google Photos in the new G+?
Very informative post, +Danielle Buckley, thank you for posting. I do have a quick question, though. Apart from letting employees share ideas and expertise, how else does the new Google+ benefit businesses--especially with their Google+ Business location's page? Thank you in advance for your response!
+Vivek Karuturi​ 3 columns is way better than 2. 2 is just a waste of space. Besides, right now you can choose 1 or 3. Why not just make it an option for 1, 2, or 3. That way Google is happy with 2 and so are users with 3.
I thought there was going to be some bulk moderation tools in the new UI that would be helpful to large public communities. What's there? I'm not finding anything. How can I efficiently remove 14,000 "invited" members?
+Danielle Buckley I see those porn posts every day in the YouTube and some photography communities. 3 or 4 of them a day. I report every one that I see but it gets tiring. 
+Margaret Tompkins No bulk un-invite feature in today's update, but the feedback makes sense. The big update for Communities that we launched today is the ability to hold posts for review. You can choose to have all posts held for review, or to whitelist specific users. We spent a lot of time talking to moderators about their challenges and have been testing this feature with a select set of Communities. We're hopeful that it will help moderators keep better tabs of post quality in their Communities. Definitely understand that there's more to be done here though!
+Chris Weber Now I get it Chris!! Sorry for my momentary lapse!! I had considered this option previously. Notifications will be the downfall here. The event is based in the Landscape Photography Community so all 880,000 members have access to it. We also invite my followers and the followers of two Landscape Photography pages so that's under 15,000 and there are some overlaps there. Once an event is established in classic G+, I just add circles to send out additional notifications so after a few days, everyone gets invited. The number of notifications I would have to send in the new G+ is just prohibitive. The people to be invited are in G+ and what I'm inviting them to is external to G+. I don't have any easy way of sending out those notifications.

I also remember a problem with an introduction where we state the rules etc. Is there a way to do that with albums? 
+Danielle Buckley Are there ANY bulk features? My concern from the start has been the scalability of any feature. I don't mind 10 keystrokes in a small community where I do something twice a week. When I need to do it 1000 times per day in a large public community, it's important.

The "invited" list was just an example. They've been there forever. I don't know who invited them or how they got there. They seem to be harmless and certainly not worth my time to remove them 1-1. I certainly miss knowing how many there are and also how many people have been banned. Where are those numbers?
+Danielle Buckley  I'm just going to chime in again with the call for Events to return - especially for Communities.
Is the update after this just a link straight to Facebook?
+Chris Weber Of course it's subjective, it's my opinion, just like almost everyone else here. Mainly I didn't like it being 2 columns, reading or replying to a post means having to click it and open a whole new page. Hangouts being removed. Of course events being removed. I reported all of this in feedback like 6 months ago but it sounds like they aren't doing anything about it. 
+Danielle Buckley Thanks for the heads up. As a beta user, I was totally fine with how G+ worked and never switched to the "new G+" . Shame I am now being forced to do that. I am glad to see Google making improvements. Feels like they still know we are here.
+Phil Nolan Wait, what? Where are these "porn posts"? I see no such thing, ever! I demand to know where they are! So I can report them too, of course! All the sex and nudity, please report directly to me!
+Peter Marreck There were plenty of porn post in the Landscape Photography Community. We fight it 24-7 and have banned thousands who shared it. Last year it was horrendous!! The last round of beefed-up G+ filters have substantially eliminated it. Now, I remove about 2 dozen each day and 1-2 of those get into the public area of the LPC.
I agree and I do the same.. Remove and they just return.. Now I'm reporting""
every time you people make an update, you go one step forward
but also three steps back
lmao at all the sheep in the comments New G+ has it's up but like Gramcrackr says you guys always have to piss the bed
You have at least a thousand or so, possibly more of corporate buisness men and women that are under one of the best companies out there,

and you can't do one thing right
Google+  was a nice baloney sandwich.  The new Google+ is two slices of bread with nothing in the middle.  Yay. 
+Colin Gamagami Indeed, I'm reading all the feedback here. Thanks for the heads-up. If you have specific feedback on things you're looking for from the new Google+ before we remove access to Classic, please use the "send feedback" functionality to make sure we see it. We take user feedback very seriously and are constantly releasing updates to address concerns & suggestions.
+Danielle Buckley If Google+ really did care about it's users, it would have kept Classic Google+ permanently. Most users on this site would agree.

Are you able to tell me why google keeps trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place?
+Danielle Buckley ACK!!! I refreshed a page and now I've fallen down some critter's hole. Not sure what kinda critter yet, probably not a rabbit. Already stuff doesn't work as usual in the new G+ land. Give me back my G+!
+Denise Morgan Kalicki On the left hand side there's a "back to classic" link. You can get back to what you're used to that way, but please do use the "send feedback" functionality to let us know your thoughts on the new experience.
+Danielle Buckley 
my feedback on the new "experience" has been constantly ignored because it isn't what Google wants to hear.

why even bother with feedback when you're just going to do what you want anyway?
+Colin Gamagami Sorry so sorry classic fanboy. You only speak for yourself, ever. You are not speaking for most of G+, certainly not me. You got one vote. Just you.
+Denise Morgan Kalicki Google+'s ratings have plummeted ever since they tried making updates that no one asked for

If you look around, you will see that most people are unhappy with this site and it's all for the same reasons

So no, most users would agree with me
Trust me a lot of people on this site would rather have the old G+ just because someone may have different views doesn't mean they're some brainwashed fanboy.
New Google+ sucks couldn't figure out how to make post as business page so switched back to classic Google+ with link in bottom left.
Ikr just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are a "fanboy". I'm flabbergasted a Google employee of all people +1ed that comment
Is there any chance we could get reverse chronological order back? So we can see things that interest us as they happen instead of 2-24 hours later? Google's feed algorithm makes me dread coming here anymore. I don't want to see a whole wall of stuff about things that happened yesterday =(

By the time I see anything of interest, it's hours after it occurred and by then, all the discussions were over. Didn't see a single Gene Wilder post until today. If I didn't have FB and Twitter, I wouldn't have known he died until a day after it happened.

Also to YOU Danielle people like YOU need to open your eyes. Yes I know that there is a report feedback button but can you not see the feedback already? Some may agree but some of us don't and yes I do believe not all of this update will be bad but you're still taking three steps back. And the truth is you don't listen to feedback in fact not feedback but constructive criticism. You pay attention to all the sheep upfront but when we have something to say all you tell us is about the leave feedback button. The feedback button is not Jesus it's not a cure all scapegoat. We're already leaving our thoughts and opinions down for you but you still act like where not there. It's no wonder why Google wants to ruin everything with every new update. They don't care they just want to do what they wanna do they don't care about their fans and what they have to say maybe they'll acknowledge them IF they agree with their new "upgrade" but that's it.
+Colin Gamagami , nice, putting some bullying language into your comments now, hey, fan? And I sincerely doubt you have been on G+ longer than I have. Enjoy.
Guys, I'm hearing the feedback loud and clear. I definitely want to hear your constructive feedback, but let's keep this thread on topic. I'll remove comments that aren't. Thanks!
+Danielle BuckleyPlease improve the ios version of google +, image and gif loading takes a lot of time as compared to android version! HENCE MAKING IOS VERSION COMPLETELY USELESS
+Danielle Buckley​ constructive feedback.

1. Can we please have chronological order back? Google+ hasn't done a good job with gauging my interest in things and I always see a post long after its relevancy is gone.

2. Can we please go back to having a larger focus on Circles? This was something G+ did that was so amazing that nobody else is doing, but it seems like everything is being crunched back into a "follower/following" paradigm and that's no fun.

I'm totally okay with most of the stuff G+ has done. Google Photos is better now, and Hangouts as a standalone messaging service is better (seriously, the chrome extension works fine, but we need to find the Hangouts team and make them give us a Firefox extension too). I'm even okay with collections.

However, my entire feed is nothing but "this person +1'd this" and posts from upwards to a day ago in random orders that make no sense. Facebook and Twitter both have a chronological option. I want to know what the people I'm following are talking about right now, not 10 hours ago. Please? 
+Joseph Hindy Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful feedback. Definitely hear you on wanting more controls on your stream, and chrono options. Our team's working through the right balance here, but you're definitely not the only one with this feedback and we're taking it seriously. Thanks!
In the new Google+, there seems to be no way to save a picture to a chosen directory. If I right-click SaveAs, it tries to give me a WEBP file, not the JPG that was posted. If I click the download button, it goes to my system download directory, not into the specific image directory I want it to go to.

This is merely one of a dozen ways in which the new Google+ is geared towards mobile at the expense of the desktop browser experience.

So, I'm going to back to classic, and you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
+Danielle Buckley​​ thank you for listening. The algorithm seems to have flat out buried a lot of some of the best and most engaging people on the site and I fully believe that a chronological order will help. For instance, I follow +Mike Elgan​​​ and I haven't seen a post of his on my feed in months. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been vocal about it, because I've seen a ton of people practically give up on this place because it's nearly impossible to follow events, discussions, or even things of interest. I still get two notifications a day about people voting on a Note 7 poll I posted a month ago, a topic that has been discussed in my circles ad nauseum and anyone wanting to join in now really can't because everyone's fatigued from talking about it when it was relevant. In the month of August, I didn't see a single post about the Olympics. Just a bunch of recommendations about US politics. It's just a giant mess.

Lol I'm sorry, I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining, but it really feels like the algorithms aren't doing a good job is all. I'm not even seeing +Kirill Grouchnikov​​​''s #pixelpushing posts anymore, and that should be considered a crime of the internet. 
+Danielle Buckley​ You didn't respond to my request to keep the "in your circles" icon on profiles. I require that to continue posting content like I have done for the last five years.

It's not a lot to ask but nobody has responded to me about it.
+Dan Thompson​ webp is Google's proprietary image format. You'll need to get an extension for Chrome like "save as PNG" and then use it in order to get images. It shows up in the right click menu after you install it so it's not a huge thing. The Google Play Store uses the same images (fun fact!). 
I think we're getting off track here. Despite the few that are vocal in this thread i don't know anyone who says, "I don't like Google+ because of the new experience"

Seriously, talking to people from different parts in the US, at tech conferences, and with family, if they have an opinion about G+ at all it's usually:

Isn't G+ a ghost town?


I don't need another social site.

I like the new G+. It's pleasant, information dense, and useful. I get that other people might not want or need G+. Many made their minds up long ago. When I get the chance to show then how G+ is today the response is usually, "That's nice" and then they go back to doing what they're comfortable with.

Last thing, there's probably a rule of the internet that says if you come to a site to debate the features of a product you are in the 1% of people who are passionate enough to spend their time doing that. And therefore you don't really represent what "most users" do or think. Like the fan that comes onto a forum to debate the finer points of the thing you are fan about. I know that's why I wrote this comment.

Love G+. Happy for the team to have made this journey. Eager to hear some sort of philosophy that can guide our expectations for what's ahead.
Adding my voice to the multitude of "Never liked the reduced functionality of the new layout, still don't like it when you add a few back", I'm so sorry, I want to use the new layout but so many things I use have been taken away.
+Chris Weber​ they removed the ability to drag and drop images into your post to upload them, I didn't include that in my diatribe because I assumed it had been covered in an earlier comment lol. The continued lack of focus on circles is present in the new update which is something I did address in my constructive criticism =)

Everyone posting here loves G+ (we wouldn't be here if we didn't lol), but some of the changes simply rubbed a lot of us the wrong way. 
i dont understand why all the content is in such a small area?! this modern "UI Design" ?
+Jonathan Higdon When you say the content is in a small area, do you mean when you view a single post? Or in your home stream? Trying to figure out where you're seeing this so I can troubleshoot.
Also, your dog is so adorable!! :-)
+Jonathan Higdon "material design" at work. It appears to be designed for a mobile first experience - which is fine (not complaining) - but yeah on a desktop this is rendered in a REAL constricted way.
I just want to acknowledge the many folks whose comments I haven't been able to respond individually to this evening. Rest assured that I'm reading them and taking them seriously, and that our team is listening. We've spent the last 9 months launching lots of updates based on user feedback, and we're going to keep doing that. I understand that not everyone will be happy with every decision we make, but that doesn't mean we're not listening. Please do continue to submit feedback!
For everyone who hates the 2 or 3-column layout: Go to Settings, and under Stream, toggle "Restrict Stream to single-column layout on all screens." Problem solved. (This used to appear under "Accessibility" settings in the "Classic Plus)...
You've made it so much harder to share only with particular groups ("circles") of people. That used to be one click, now it's several. Why make anything harder than it was before?
Why can we no longer drag pictures into a post? It's way more annoying to dredge through a file picker, when I already have the window open.
Photo albums? Photo albums!!!??? When!?
+Danielle Buckley how about photo albums? There are a lot of artist, photographers etc. That I follow and not being able to see their photos in a neat package like the classic g+ is painful, eta on those or if you're even working on it? Events? 
+Octavius S  We've been talking to a lot of photographers lately and are thinking about how to improve the photos experience. Nothing specific that I can share right now, but we're digging in. No plans to bring back events in their existing form.
The fact that G+ doesn't like YouTube being here is not a good thing in my opinion.
Integration is key. I am only seeing disintegration in this upgrade. The power of G+ has always been its ability to promote social interaction by way of clean integration between all of its elements. You lose that, and you will lose many users. Events, bring them back as a hook between all of the modularized "apps". The web is the web. Let it be the web. Let the mobile apps be apps. Its fine to modularize on mobile phones and tablets, but please do not as a company continue to kill the web as the web via a browser.
A big improvement over the previous update but you still can't middle click on images in the feed. This is something which I found the previous G+ could do and now couldn't.

Saving to collections was also much simpler before. Now I got to click Share -> Google+ then choose my collections, it's not as simple as 1 click like last time.

Needless to say I still wouldn't move to this until they fix this issue or maybe force everyone to use the new G+.
Eddie J
I don't like the changes, not yet at least.
 - The tile animations seem slow
 - View post activity is missing
 - The amount of red
 - The profile counters are missing
 - Notifications search should be a thing (RIP old youtube)
Circles/Collection selection for new posts — the core functionality of the site/app — is still several times more work and a much worse experience than before.

But who cares about UX, it's light and Material and that's enough, right?
+Danielle Buckley  When will we be able to see the number of new posts in each category of a community WITHOUT opening that category like we could in the old interface. Without that my workflow is impacted to such a extent that communities ( of which I follow 80) become worthless.
+Kamal Tailor How do you add images to a comment? I've got the new interface, the new moderate button (which is FANTASTIC) but see no way to add a picture to a comment.
+Andrew Hatchett Thanks for the feedback about Communities. We'll take a look at categories and see what's doable. And glad you like the moderate button We're still working on rolling out the ability to add images in comments- stay tuned!

+Danielle Buckley thanx for greate work. Photo in comments are a big step forward. I know some of the users are against it, but it steps up the experiense for sure and I have been asking for it for years!...but the sharing prosess are as bad as it used to be! have sent tons of feedbacks on the scrolling and clicking problem. It's for sure more scrolling and clicking these days than it used to be, and it's a hard time to find the way around collections,communities and publick posts. stay cool
+Danielle Buckley I'll chime in as another person who doesn't understand the decision to remove the Hangouts integration from G+. I'm staying w/ classic G+ until the last possible moment. Once Hangouts is no longer integrated, I probably mostly won't bother w/ G+ at all... it'll just be Hangouts and GMail for me. <shrug> At least now I do see some G+ content, but the big thing for me is Hangouts and if Hangouts get banished to a separate tab, I doubt I'll remember to flip back to G+ for anything (I already hardly ever open it on the phone... only on the desktop where it and Hangouts are in the same tab until I'm forced to "upgrade" <ahem> to the new version).
+Danielle Buckley​ The number one thing the "Send Feedback" button is missing is any way to know that you've been heard. I don't expect individual replies, no one has time for that. However, when a feature many people have requested is rolled out, you could notify them with a link to the G+ post about it.

Even wontfixes like Events, you could at least notify all the people requesting it with a post stating the current plans for events. It would be nice to hear what forms distinct from the current one Google is considering. I could see breaking events out onto its own site like photos. I think abandoning events entirely would be a change that will drive users to Facebook or other competitors.

If possible, and a lot of users are making the same request, it would also be nice to see people who request already existing features get a link to a support page on the feature. (For example, circle streams, which I didn't realize was hidden under a setting in new G+, so I just went back to classic.)
+Debbie Gates Didn't you heard the news? Hangouts is as good as dead for end consumers. Allo is coming. Hangouts will be around for business users though.
And what different does it make if Hangouts in "integrated" into G+ or not? Don't get it.
Open new tab, start hangouts, boom. Get an extension for Chrome use Hangouts on every site, boom.
+Kevin C. That's a really great observation - we were just talking about it over here in our launch room. I completely agree that it would be great for us to have a better mechanism to let people know we've acted on their feedback. We've piloted something like this for a couple recent fixes, but I'm hoping we'll be able to do a better job of this on a larger scale. Work to be done here!
Reading this comments make me think: The clash of the niches.
Events, ingress players, Hangouts... Whining.
All right, YOU have the numbers right?
Events used by "many". Sure sure. Hangouts... [sarcasm]Oh yeah I see, none of my friend have WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We NEED to integrate Hangouts [/sarcasm].
And Ingress? Bwahaha, all your base are belong to us.

This Google Reader effect is hilarious. A few people whine the loudest.

+Danielle Buckley Google is doing great work and progression is very important.
I hope that you'll keep focusing on the really important features and keep you good look for the future focused.
Thanks for the hard work and for constantly improving Google+
+Dan Thompson I fully agree that the desktop experience is being used as a live sacrificial lamb on the alter of mobility.
+Danielle Buckley If the Ingress Community is forced to switch to a solution who has events, you will lose a lot of active users...
+Ryo Cook If people have to go to Facebook to organize events, and they do, you bleed off a lot of potential users.
Congratulations and thanks - I've been waiting for these improvements especially rich comments for a long time. You really should have gotten the mothership to announce it on the main Google blog though - are they not proud of G+? I know you have a hard time of it but seriously - a couple of hundred million monthly users is huge by any other social network's standards! Revel in your time! 
Big thanks to everyone who's given feedback in the comments here! I encourage you to play with the new features and continue telling us what you think (using the "send feedback" feature). It's a big part of how we improve. I'm signing off for the night and turning off commenting here too, but I've really enjoyed our conversation for the past 16 hours. Good night!