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It's #caturday !!!

I've been told this is the work of +Matthew Inman Glad I can give credit where credit is due.
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I can't claim this one, I stole it off Facebook. I was doing whoever drew it a favor and sent it along to a better audience.
I shared it so that 3 or 4 more people might get a kick out of it. Maybe someone's life will be saved.
I'm down with everything except #6. My cats follow me everywhere. I think I'm being stalked!
That is defintly sam. That cat must be sams exact twin
Our cat has taken over the laptop and secretly opens programs we did not know were on there. Yesterday she googled algorithms.
Good to know... thanks for sharing
Even funnier as I have two cats lol
this can give goose bumps to even stephen king )))
Holy crap my cat does all of those O_o
humm that explians why my cat always slept on my keyboard....
+Danielle Bowers This is indeed the work of +Matthew Inman, and this comes from . It seems that you're not familiar with this webcomic, and I don't want this to sound like an advertisement but you really should check out his other stuff... this is one of the best webcomics I know of.
OMG... I will probably be dead soon... for i have to (since put in the light) evil cats... :O
I can't give this enough thumbs up! I have 3 of them, and they're all out to get me. But it's missing when they try to step where your going to step before you step there (i.e. trip you and make you fall to your death). Not sure why they do this, they seem to think it facilitates the food giving process... Either that or they really do have it in for me and it's retribution for sleeping in rather than feeding.... ;)
While these are all true, there is a simpler way of telling. Q: "is it cat?" A: "Yes" "It is trying to kill you."
My cat does all of this. Should I be worried?
I have been wanting to get a second cat, since it could keep my current one company and I just really want a kitten lol. Now, I'm not sure I could handle TWO cats doing this o.O
I feel sorry for all you people whose cat is going to kill them, or the cat, because ......
My cat does every one of these :3
And dont say that I will because im soviet!!!!!
have you ever been bitten? because if you haven't you don't know i this bull crap is true am i right?
Not that I got hurt.... the cats claws broke....
and that's a lie because they don't brake that easy i work with a rescue i'm pretty sure this is not real and plus we foster and we have 4 cats of our own!
Lol! The cats are trying to kill you!
no there not, mine love and care and are kind and not full of crap!!!!!!
This is stupid, cats are for crazy old ladies and lonely suicidal people, and no matter what you do they always pee insde the owner's house, and it smells like hell, if it was for me, cats and pigeons wouldn't exist
LOL for no.4 ... actually it is attempt to communicate with it's HQ... xD
Abby Hi
haha.nice....well I dont like cats......and this post supports..!!
Abby Hi
Bout time someone posted some fucking cats. Moar.
Abby Hi
i like cats better
Explains a lot about my "best friend" and his current actions...
I don't understand why this is new insight to people. This has been known for millenia.
My cat does everything except number 6. She sprints at lightning speed after pooping, but likes to follow me everywhere.
cats are cute and playful.but when i read this i was like WTH????
Neha Pd
i don't even like cats :P
should i be scary? my cat do all that! (o.O)
I'm so sick of people reclaiming credit (for themselves or for others, all the same), it's institutionalizing vanity as a natural right.
If someone wants to decorate the walls with his name all over the place then they just need to scribble their signature on one corner as many vain men have done along history. At least those others were honest enough as not to deceive by playing false modesty.
Oh my God!! You people are ganging up on furry fluffy little animals. Sad.
Little Boogers! always up to something! :)
I knew I wasn't imagining things!!!
the cat is not going to kill u its just a joke and people making up crap!
lol that is so akward i hope my cats dont do that. :)
Apparently, I should be very worried. Chachi AND Mama Cat are exhibiting all of these traits in concert.
I knew it was a reason why I didnt like them thangs. Cats = guardians of the underworld.
Fortunately my cats are far to lazy. And they know not to bite the hand that brings lines of catnip.
Ha! well I don't have a cat so I think I'm safe. 
Hysterical...and frightening.  Between my 3 every one of the 6 signs is accounted for.
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