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Simply Wild.

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5.5. The number of years we have been business.  It's been a
grand time. We've had so much fun decorating, finding books and movies,
and meeting people  from all over the world. We are sad and happy
to inform you that we will no longer be accepting reser...

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Magical forests in Germany.

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So long...
I am moving my blog to Wordpress (again). I hope to see you there! What Dani Sees

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I'm currently trying to decide if my allergies are getting worse, I'm getting sick or both. Since coffee isn't inducing the up-chuck Reflex, I think it's the former. Even though this doesn't concern anyone but myself, I thought the whole world should know. ...

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I remember the first time I heard Adele's 'Hello.' I was scrubbing the master bathroom in Faith at the Stone Turtle (variety is something I love about self-employment even if cleaning isn't my cuppa tea). It's interesting how some Songs can bring back memor...

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I am currently basking in the glory of my childhood as I reread Harry Potter. When I packed my bags to Germany, I stuffed a couple books in my backpack to Keep me on track. Ernest Holmes, to be exact. There wasn't much room for anything else after my art Jo...

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I feel like most of us tend to get lost in the daily grind. Now, I´m not talkin` lost I can´t find my way back home from Wal-Mart. Rather, I think we get so caught up in our lives and perceived Problems that we tend to lose perspective of what is actually g...

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Things I have learned in the past week: -Dual citizens are unwanted. At least when it Comes to applying for jobs on US Military bases in Germany. - American food Quality sucks. A lot of my weirdness (Skin rashes, Panic attacks, etc.) has disappeared. I Attr...

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Last days of 2015
I always say it's been a while, but it's been a while. Quite a bit has changed.  Blueberry has found a new owner. And I gave away all of my bike gear...okay, so I kept a jacket and helmet (just in case). Life works in funny ways. My plans for Blue didn't pa...
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