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If you are in Milan on April 15 you can't miss this exclusive preview of #transcendence  followed by a debate around " the extreme consequences of technologies like AI, brain scanning, and their hypothetical cousin, mind uploading ".

#Unimissable   #Movie   #Milano   #Events   
What are the extreme consequences of technologies like AI, brain scanning, and their hypothetical cousin, mind uploading? If you are in Milan on April 15, and you are interested in these questions, come to the exclusive screening of Transcendence with Johnny Depp organized by Axelera and Singularity University, followed by a debate around these themes. 

Book your free ticket now!
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Un' #infografica ben costruita su come scegliere la/le piattaforme migliori sulla base degli obiettivi e del target di riferimento.

#Socialmedia #Strategy
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Quando si costruisce una #SocialMedia Strategy è fondamentale avere chiaro il proprio target e sapere quale piattaforma scegliere per i propri obiettivi.
Proviamo un po' a schematizzare questo processo: vi riconoscete in questa infografica?
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Daniele Righi

Shared publicly  - 
Is it possible to travel across the world for FREE using nothing but +Google+  and a whole lot of hugs? -- All whilst raising crazy amounts of money for +UNICEF UK,  having fun and bringing my dream to life and letting the whole world dream with me?

Over the course of the next 3 years, I am going to be walking from Beijing to London, whilst doing live Google+ hangouts from one side of the world to the other and recording a documentary about my use of Google+ over the entire duration. 

On Friday July 26th, I was going to be boarding a flight to Hong Kong with the intention of heading up to Beijing on the train, and then I had an idea...

Why not make this journey a little more interesting. Why not make it more about you, and less about me. Inviting you into my journey. Inviting you to take part. And instead of getting on a flight direct to Hong Kong, why not ditch this plane ticket and social-travel all the way (in 21 days or less) using nothing but Google+ and the goodwill of this community... Allowing me to showcase that within my documentary and to the rest of the world...And then walk the entire 15,000km back home (as scheduled) doing live Google+ hangouts.

How will this work?

I am going to attempt to rely solely on my Google+ connections to get me from England to Hong Kong. (Whilst raising money for +UNICEF  and proving to the mainstream media that Google+ isn’t a ghost-town and is the best social network on the planet). Who’s with me?

In 21 days from Friday 26th, I would like to be in Hong Kong to continue with my journey according to plan... And I need your help. Without YOU this will not work.

I will be arrive in London on Wednesday night. If someone could put me up for the night (or possibly even 2), it would be greatly appreciated. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a couch or a floor in your hallway. Anything will do. And if you could drive me to Google, UK (or if someone else with a car could) that would be great too. If not, I will just get up early and walk.

I am in Widnes, Cheshire right now, in between Manchester and Liverpool, England. I have lunch with Google, UK over in London on Thursday at 1pm. After lunch I am going to be hanging out with Google Creative Labs in New York until about 3pm. At 4pm I have a meeting with a girl from +Propeller TV  (Sky T.V channel 189) regarding my walk from Beijing to London, and then after that... My Google+ #microadventure to Hong Kong will begin. 

How can you help?

If you could put me up for the night, drive me somewhere or provide me with a rail or ferry ticket, food, water or possibly even a cup of tea - at one point across my route. It would be greatly appreciated. 

I plan on leaving the UK on Friday (somehow). Probably on the train, coach or ferry. Can you help me get across the water from Folkestone, Kent, to Calais, France? Or maybe even a little further? Or maybe you’re driving from London to Kent on Thursday night or Friday morning?

Can you help me get from France to Switzerland, or at least half way? Can you put me up for the night in Paris or anywhere else in France for that matter? Can you get me from Switzerland to Italy, or put me up for the night at one point of the distance? Can you help get me from Italy to Croatia, Albania or even Greece? Can you help me get from Greece to Bulgaria or Turkey? Can you help me get from Turkey to India, or possibly from India to Nepal and then to Hong Kong?

Anything you can do to help would be genuinely appreciated... And if you can’t help me, maybe someone in your circles can...

The Route

Hong kong

If you can help me travel, eat, drink or sleep throughout any of the areas across my route, you will be featured within my documentary and forever a friend. 

The Rules?

I only have 3 rules to follow during my Google+ Adventure to Hong Kong.

1: I can only accept offers of food, water, travel or accommodation from people on Google+. 
2: I can not accept money from you
3: I can not board a plane until I atleast get to India. I want this experience to be as culturally diverse as possible so I can broadcast it live on Google+ at various points of my destination.

The idea sounded a little crazy at first. I mean, who the hell was going to help me? I am nobody. At least nobody important anyway, and according to many journalists, Google+ is a ghost town. A platform that nobody uses and nobody cares about. By their viewpoint, this question would probably be ridiculous to ask, because nobody would answer. Nobody would see it. But I think they’re wrong. And this is my attempt to prove it.

What will happen if I don’t make it to Hong Kong in 21 days?

Nothing. I will just jump on a flight from wherever I am, and then head up to Beijing and begin my journey across the world as planned.

How am I raising money for unicef?

Online. Checkout my fundraising page here ( and don’t forget to donate. 

UNICEF is the world's leading organisation for children, working in over 190 countries. Theydo whatever it takes to make a lasting difference to children's lives. In everything they do, the most disadvantaged children are their priority.

During my entire 3 year walk I am going to attempt to raise 1 Million GBP. I think it’s possible.

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to bring you all into my journey and experience what I experience and see what I see. All whilst doing some good for the world. -- And proving to the press Google+ is not a ghost town (and possibly converting a few hundred thousand Facebook users into avid Google+ fans).

Ever since I was younger, I wanted to do something special. Real special. Some people go backpacking across Europe or travel the American West by train. Other people head to Australia or Bangkok, and sometimes even Spain. I ended up doing what most people do – going to school, getting a job, and getting stuck in life. A life that I didn’t like, but became accustomed to. It was a good job, it paid the bills, but I felt like I would have to give up my dream of an incredible journey – my childhood dream. I was actually getting to where I was OK with it. Where I was ready to give up on my dream and not follow through. Lots of people have to give up their dreams and settle for the life they fall into. A job they don’t like, but do anyway. – No longer could I do that.

I quit my job 13 months ago to train my arse off to follow my dream and walk across the world.

I think by socially-traveling my way to Hong Kong using Google+, my entire journey will go down in history and I will be able to raise my target of 1 Million over the entire duration of my journey for Unicef. - Not to mention showcase how amazing the Google+ platform and people are to the world.

What am I going to be doing during this 21 Google+ #microadventure?

I will mainly be filming and taking photographs. Interviewing the people that have helped me. Hangout parties and live on air broadcasts. Engaging with my audience, meeting new people, taking on new cultures and generally having fun whilst raising money for Unicef.

What if nobody decides to help me?

If nobody on Google+ decides to help me with this endeavour, I will continue as planned and board a flight to Hong Kong on Friday 27th.

How will this change my live on air event schedule?

Completely (at least until I arrive in Hong Kong). But I will still be doing my first live on air show on Saturday 27th from wherever I am in the world at that point in time. ( I will probably be in France). I will post programme updates to the event page here -> - Don’t forget to tune in! 

Do you think this crazy idea is even possible or am I just nuts? Can you help me? share this post with your circles and let’s make history! Help me prove to the press that Google+ is not a ghost-town and let’s raise a crazy amount of money for Unicef UK.
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Are you ready to stop the glorification of busy and start redefining success?

#Thrive #Life #Success #LinkedIn
Let's stop the glorification of busy. Guy Kawasaki shares tips from Arianna Huffington's new book "Thrive".
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L'antropologia mi ha sempre appassionato...

#data #datavisualization
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Ecco cosa digitano i popoli delle varie nazioni quando cercano video porno  #datavis   #datavizualization  L'avreste mai detto?
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I 20 comandamenti - tratto da  " la bibbia del buon #influencer "

"Sesta regola del Buon Influencer: scrivere almeno due volte al mese che 'il Klout equivale a misurarsi con il righello' subito dopo premere F5 sulla dashboard di "

Rispondiamo - "Rendiamo grazie a #Klout"
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Da grande voglio fare l’influencer! Dopo il calciatore, l’astronauta e il CEO di una Startup, questa è l’ambizione lavorativa di moltissimi giovani. Come diventare un buon Influencer? Ecco una pratica guida, se la seguirete nei minimi dettagli avrete certamente degli ottimi risultati, parola di Klout.

Ora ripetete come un mantra:

1. Prima regola del Buon Influencer: scrivere la lista delle regole del Buon Influencer

2. Seconda regola del Buon Influencer: negare l'esistenza degli Influencer

3. Terza regola del Buon Influencer: in maniera ciclica scrivere un post contro gli Influencer

4. Quarta regola del Buon Influencer: rispondere acidamente ad un tweet di un VIP, farne lo screenshot e pubblicarlo su Facebook con scritto "Sono una brutta persona"
è un metodo che funziona SEMPRE: avrete tanti like, condivisioni e "ahahahah sei terribile!"

5. Quinta regola del Buon Influencer: [da usare con cura] se un VIP indispettito lascia Facebook, Google+,Twitter, Instagram o dall’Internet, scrivete un megapost indicando le motivazioni, meglio se dite che è per colpa vostra! Come motivazione portate lo screenshot dove vi siete infilati nella conversazione del VIP in questione dicendo "eheheheh"

6. Sesta regola del Buon Influencer: scrivere almeno due volte al mese che "il Klout equivale a misurarsi con il righello" subito dopo premere F5 sulla dashboard di

7. Settima regola del buon Influencer: intromettersi in qualsiasi hashtag di tendenza anche con un tweet minimal. 
Esempio #hashtagDiTendenza mah...

8. Ottava regola del Buon Influencer: almeno 3 volte al mese scrivere #EpicFail

9. Nona regola del Buon Influencer : fate le liste! Le liste piacciono a Google, le liste piacciono all’utente medio, le liste piacciono a tutti! Ad esempio realizzate un post con le 50 persone secondo voi più influenti della rete, scatenerete un vortice di condivisioni con una forza pari all'uragano Katrina (cit. Riccardo Scandellari) 

10. Decima regola del Buon Influencer: prepara il kit di emergenza.
Non hai tempo, per caso ti tocca lavorare veramente per un’intera giornata?
Il kit di emergenza ti permette di rimanere sempre sul pezzo con il minimo sforzo.
Esempio di kit del Buon Influencer:

• tweet/status di buongiorno a tutti
• tweet/statusdi buon pranzo a tutti
• tweet/status di buonasera a tutti
• Foto di un piatto di pasta oppure di una vostra faccia buffa di quando avevate 10 anni, alle strette uno di vostro figlio! Animali, tanti animali: un gatto, un cane, un koala, un rinoceronte nano, etc

11. Undicesima regola del Buon Influencer: decidere a tavolino se osteggiare i termini "Engagement" "Endorsement" oppure abbracciarli amorevolmente 10 volte al giorno.

12. Dodicesima regola del Buon Influencer: Modificare la data del compleanno in modo tale da festeggiarlo almeno una volta ogni due mesi!

13. Tredicesima regola del Buon Influencer: se avete scritto un post, tweet, etc che non funziona tantissimo... non disperate, smarmellatelo su tutti i vostri contatti Skype e non dimenticate di scrivere "condividi in amicizia! :D "

14. Quartodicesima regola del Buon Influencer: se per un motivo inspiegabile, non siete stati i primi a postare la modifica di una funzionalità di Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Egomnia, etc non disperatevi! C’è una soluzione: dite che non vedete quella funzionalità! In un attimo sei tornato di nuovo unico! Se l’unico che non vede quella funzionalità! Fidati: funziona! Riceverai tantissimi commenti, commenti dal nerdacchione che vorrà aiutarti, commenti dall’influencer gelosone che ti sbeffeggerà, commenti dalle crocerossine che vorranno leccare le tue ferite, commenti di gente che commenta solo perché vede che quel post ha tanti commenti

15. Quindicesima regola del Buon Influencer: scrivere il post definitivo, totale, riepilogativo di tutti i post della rete inerente un argomento che ha infiammato le piazze digitali per più di 20 minuti!

16. Se avete partecipato ad una catena di Sant’Antonio preparatevi già la pezza da attaccare se qualcuno inizia a sospettare che sia una cagata pazzesca. Fidatevi: capiterà.

17. Se non avete partecipato ad una catena di Sant’Antonio preparate un post in cui affermate che quella catena è una cagata pazzesca e per fare del bene ci sono metodi più concreti ed efficaci, questo a prescindere dallo scopo della catena di Sant’Antonio, pure se fosse stata realizzata con lo scopo di sensibilizzare le donne a non utilizzare i gambaletti.

18. Non utilizzate il termine “muoro”, è brutto.

19. Scrivere sempre qualcosa sull’argomento del giorno, sempre.

20. Non avete un’opinione sull’argomento del giorno? Chiedete il parere dei vostri follower, seguaci, fan, groupie e dopodiché realizzate il post.

Ecco fatto!
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+Stefano Epifani vale come contributo al tuo corso? :)
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Daniele Righi

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"Che poi, alla fine, il #fail   è un prodotto culturale dei nostri stati di connessione, pronto ad emergere dove ci sono comunità partecipative e a segnalare spazi di negoziazione di significati così come che il digitale è territorio di conflitti".   cit. +Giovanni Boccia Artieri 
Oggi #failcamp  sul canale Cynar. Sono in compagnia di +mafe de baggis +Roberto Venturini +Mirko Pallera +Cristina Simone e siamo guidati da +luca Tremolada. Che poi, alla fine, il #fail  è un prodotto culturale dei nostri stati di connessione, pronto ad emergere dove ci sono comunità partecipative e a segnalare spazi di negoziazione di significati così come che il digitale è territorio di conflitti.   
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Strepitoso. Un bracciale che consente di interagire a distanza con qualunque tipo di device abilitato attraverso dei semplicissimi gesti.
#mindblowing   #wearable   #technology  
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Monday #SocialMedia cocktail
Time to quench your #Monday morning (here in #Australia ) social media thirst! Although it's a very funny #infographic , it does highlight that it's important to manage your time effectively on social media platforms.

What's your favourite platform and why?
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