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FAQs about me, collected from g+ and forums users who keep doing such stupid questions…

All answers could be summarized as "none of your business", but since some doesn't accept tl;dr…

Q: Why don't you use your face as profile photo?
A: Why should I? it's not like I have an interesting face, you know? If you really want to see my mug, there are three 2011 photos on g+ and a 2007 one around the net (I don't like being photographed)

Q: I'm in your circles but... Nothing "juicy" on limited posts?
A: Nope. And even if I've circled you, I have several "access rings" circles, so that I could choose who the post is visible.
Moreover, I discuss really private matters in real life, by phone or by DCC chat. In short, 1-1 channels.

Q: Why that nickname? (it's ozone89 or variants)
A: I liked how it sounded, and having had breathing issues at the time, it seemed ironical too.

Q: What's that silly avatar?
A: It's Colonel.EXE's NaviMark (read: symbol), a swordsman program from MegaMan Battle Network (wiki or Google images for more infos).
Update 13/12/2014: Current avatar is the Guild Of Maintainers crest from Uru

Q: Why do I see bogus character when you write something?
A: Oh, Lord... If is just one in the middle of a word, it's an accented vowel (è à ì and so on. Italian language has these. Be thankful I'm not Nordic); if it's a sequence it's probably CJK (read: Japanese). In both cases, I'm using UTF-8, while either your PC or your site (if I'm leaving a comment) is using 8859-1 or similar. Wake the FSCK up and change your charset, for $deity's sake! It's 2013, not the 90s!

Q: Uh? What was that $ word?
A: It's a bash-like variable. Consider it a way to train your guessing skills (or, in that case, a way to make any religion happy).

Q: I'm a recruiter, may I peep your profile on order to get what kind of person you are?
A: Less browsing, more CVs! Go back to work, you lazyass! And even if you do, good luck, I have different "attitude profiles" for everybody, how I behave in my private life is completely different from when I'm on the clock.

Update 27/06/2015
Q: What do you think about $buzzy_topic?
A: If you're not harming somebody (including yourself), IDGAF. Examples:
- Gay marriage: IDGAF. Disowning your gay $relative because you're a bigot: you're an asshole and should be jailed, or at least lose your children to the social services.
- Religion: IDGAF, as long you don't push it on the others to unbearable levels (this includes atheists as well). If you're one of those who uses atheism as an excuse to insult others' personal beliefs, or use religion to limit others' freedom|rights, you're an asshole.
- Lifestyle: IDGAF, with some exceptions. If you're vegan (humans are not intended to be vegan, give it up already), or a smoker, or something that may harm you physically, I'd stop if I were in your shoes, but it's just a friendly advice, as it's your life and body after all. If you push it to others, FSCK you. If you force your children and/or dog|cat|$carnivore_animal to be vegan, you should be jailed for torture.

Oh! I fell much better now!
Nothing like a rant at 5:25am to relieve some stress!
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Well played, anon... Well played indeed...
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Give that man a cookie herring!
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Alone in my room, PC on, when suddenly...


upon closer inspection, it appears the sound was coming from the inkjet printer on my desk, and it was turned off as well!

an USB unplugging later, no more ticking sound. wtf?
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Whoops, I may have necro'ed a mass hangout, sorry about that
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For such a hardcore game, CS:GO has some guns skins which look like they come straight from a little girl room. And talking about cosmetic items, TF2 Invasion has one of the best cosmetics I've seen. Having high-tech themed kinda fits TF2, or at least fits more than samurai swords and pirate hats. Overall, I really liked the production value of this patch. I wish there was a more PvE centric Invasion themed TF2 campaign with the mercs fighting ...
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I can already hear the noobs crying for having snapped the fittings on their swaggy i7...
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+Google Play​ should start punishing meaningless changelogs like Twitter's one...
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Uh? Roadworks on GNow? That's new.
Consequence of the Waze acquisition?
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Non è una cosa nuova: ho visto qualcosa già un po' tempo fa.
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Halfway from both the Airport and the Central Station, serviced by buses in the near streets, it's the perfect place to stay for the night if you're going to take transportations often, if not everyday like I did. Excellent service, awesome landlady, beautiful structure and tidy rooms, will come back for sure next time I'm in Pisa! ^_^ Oh, and don't forget to pet the puppy! :3
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