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Daniele Grillenzoni
I'm not better, I just try harder.
I'm not better, I just try harder.
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Un piccolo appello ai giocatori di boardgame/gdr italiani che conosco:

Durante una chiacchierata con +timothy hutchings, mi ha parlato di un progetto che sembra essere molto interessante, una raccolta di documenti generati dai giocatori di ruolo/tavolo. Mappe, schede del personaggio, segnapunti, qualsiasi altro lavoro.

Il problema è che questo progetto, questo museo, che ha sede negli stati uniti, fatica a raccogliere documenti al di fuori dei confini americani, per cui mi sono offerto da fare da ambasciatore verso l'Italia.

Questo è il suo messaggio:
The Play Generated Map and Document Archive,, is an organization which collects and preserves unique material related to game play. We want your old character sheets, maps, game notebooks, character sketches, scribbly bits of paper with just numbers on them, your Yahtzee tally sheets - in short, we want any piece of paper which was used to play a game.

We collect this material, scan and put most of it up on the internet, then send it to the archive facility at The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. There the papers will remain for as long as we have museums.

These files and documents are made available to the public for general enjoyment, and to academics for research purposes.
We have a remarkable lack of material from outside the USA and I would love it if you could help me find donors overseas. We can reimburse for shipping and will do everything in our power to make the process as easy as possible for all involved.

Thanks so much for your help

So, just moved to Portland, is there any play group in the area that I can look up? 

Since it was brought up recently, why not compile a list of "lorem ipsum" cards to use as showcase for new templates? It might be useful to have a standard of sort, so we can quickly compare how a template fares against another.

Ideally we do it in tiers;

Tier 1: a selection of cards that can be done with any official magic template (including futureshifted), so no more than 6 mana symbols in the CC, no hybrid frame, no planeswalkers, but pushes the limit and showcases weird stuff otherwise (I'm thinking like colored artifacts, cards that cost XXBBBB).

Tier 2: includes samples  of anything that has been done by Wizards with frames not specifically designed for a specific block, so anything that doesn't include levelers, split, flip, DFC, miracle, nyx-infused, I'm not sure whether to include transparent (a la eldrazi/ghostflame), but probably it should be out as well.

Tier 3: Selected cards for most variants go here, one symbolic card for each could be nice, possibly spread between different colors.

Tier 50 shades of cray: all of the weird variants ever. Silver border, custom made, triple face, morph overlays, tokens, emblems, planes, schemes, vanguard, spindown trackers, tattoos, d20, interpretative dance ...

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6 hours and several Blender tutorials later, here's the first sneak peek.

I blame +Randall Brewer for my lack of sleep.

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First submission here, iinm, saw Jason's Sieges, and tried one of my own.

Things I like:
- The rules text is all there
- In many ways, this could be very close to how WotC might pint split cards in the post-M15 era
- The style is pretty close to real fullart promos.
- Dragons is incorrectly on the left to match the artwork
- First time I tried to spill
- Fuse-inspired with Fateforging

Things I couldn't get better:
- No expansion symbol (don't have one at hand and ran out of time)
- No watermarks (I might have found the Mardu one, but not the 4-winged Mardu for the Dragons side)
- The spill is meh at best, crappy at worst.
- Couldn't execute well enough the Fateforging bit, partly due to the lack of fullart cards with Fuse.
- Fateforging was a cheesy choice for the keyword name, but again, time constraints.
- It's not super polished, text alignment is mostly eyeballed, and I think I inverted the direction of the light for the frame beveling.

If you have tips on how to get the next one better, let me know.

Regarding Beleren, I've seen a bunch of people using it already, but it looks like an incomplete version, as the variant glyphs are lost, I learned a little bit about font-making over the last few days, and I think I could create a completed version, the question is, should I?

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This might be interesting for some people
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