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My first Star Trek-inspired watchface is almost ready!
Just a few tweaks based on +Paul Blundell WatchFaceLifecycle, before to publish it...
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I guess I need this one. Do you publish it for the public? 
Just downloaded... Great work! Is there any way to edit the size of the cards that display, as they load in large format and it takes over the "star date" section. Also, is there any way to have the date show when the screen is dimmed? Finally, can it be changed to show 24h clock?
+Bradley Hadwick Thanks!
Regarding the size of the cards I tried to set the Epoch (the "star date") position above the displayed cards. I didn't find a way to modify the size of the displayed cards, and I think it is a thing it shouldn't be done, but anyway I'll have a look if it is possible to move the Epoch in some way ;-)
I decided to hide the date when the screen is dimmed in order to make the watch simple and immediate to read, but if there is an interest to have the date always shown, this is an update I will definitively consider!
Regarding the 24h format, it already displays the time accordingly to the settings of the connected phone. You can change the value on your phone under Settings > Date & time > Use 24-hour format
awesome LCARS theme! are those functional buttons as well?
Just installed it.. Looks awesome!  +1 for the unix epoch.
Thanks guys!!
+Ben Trance the buttons are only aesthetic, it could be interesting to associate functions to them, but I think they would be way too small...
I really like it; Is there any chance of a circular adaptation for the Moto360 adopters, in the future?
I can't remember a time when I saw LCARS on a round screen, though. So it might need a little artistic reinterpretation.
I will definitely create a version for the round screen +Russ Wilde , but as you said it will be a new interpretation ;)
Or maybe some color coded notifications if buttons will hurt usability. A really great job on this one, +Daniele Bonaldo
+Daniele Bonaldo I tried installing this however it doesnt show up on my watch? I am running the L Preview. I've restarted the watch, installed other watch faces (which show up fine), unpair/paired and sync'ed apps to no success
All you need to do is move the time and unix date up a few millimeters and the notifications would be able to show without covering up the time.
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