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@mdiebolt and I review our daily 1 hour game jams over the past week. Audio levels in games are still too loud. First 30 Days: Week ending 04-14-2012: I find that doing these 1 hour jams every day really helps to focus my game design skills. Who’d have thought that practicing something for at least an hour every day will make you better at it? Now when Ludum Dare rolls around 48 hours will seem like a 2 year dev cycle.
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You are awesome. I'm blown away. Essentially you are doing daily "workouts" and have become the intellectual equivalent of a body builder. Flex them muscles! Can't wait to see what you make next weekend for LD48. Best of luck!
Do they always start at 9pm PDT? I need to find my headset and join one of these nights.
Usually they start at 8 or 9 PDT. There's one tomorrow at 9, let me know if you want in and we'll be sure to include you.
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