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Custom Nexus 4 dock, as finished as I'm going to make it.

Got the electronics in, used hot melt glue to secure stuff. At this point it is very usable as a dock. I've not spent too much time sanding the pieces to get a nice finish. I made the front panel reasonably nice but the rest has lots of visible scratch lines. But at this point I think I'll probably evolve the design and build a mk III version.

Happy with the general fit for my phone in it's case, less happy with how the whole tabs thing worked out.

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+Tom Wisniewski thanks, the more I look at my own pictures the more I think if I ever make one for my bed side cabinet (where the photo was taken) i'd make it without the LED. way to bright. This one is for the office. I'll probably end up making a few now that I have the designs.
You did such a great work! You should have cleaned the phone and they dock before tacking the pictures for maximum amazement! Keep up 
+João Macedo thanks! I think I've already started planning the next version so wasn't looking to finish as nicely as I could. One of these days I should look to improve my project photography. 
Cool! Now you need one for the Nexus 5 you know you're going to buy :>) 
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