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Daniel Would
I am a maker | geek.
I am a maker | geek.

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Something a little different for vanity unit doors.

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Trying to share video through different mechanism.
I have this video sped up so much that just touching my saw to wood cuts it in half :-) but its still a little long...

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Yesterday I spent a while messing about with the cistern to swap it atoms so my water supply could come in on the right which was the easiest run. In theory the instructions said 'tap' out the pre-scored hole on the side and black off outrival with supplied nut. In practice it took me agrees to hack away at the thing to get the hole. Plumbed everything in, stated to fill the tank and found the supplied valve was broken. Did not stop the water at all.
So today I go get a replacement valve. Nicer design, quieter fill. I switch it in, but this one had a lever arm that when set on this side of the tank was pressed against the side. So after a flush the float didn't drop and the valve stayed shut


So after briefly considering just drilling another hole in the damn thing,I wound up flipping everything back to the original side and putting an extra 90 bend on the water supply to bring it round three other side. This required a longer pipe and of course a screwed up the olive removing the during from the first length. Had to buy more. Basically 1 trip to screwfix, 2 trips to local diy store, and about 3 hours just to get to where I should of been when I finished yesterday.

Sometimes it's stupid little things that take all the time.
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I tried to share this previously but it didn't attach. The en suite progresses.

Things progress, but slowly 

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Vote time! Which design do you prefer?

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It was a productive... Or should I say destructive, weekend

Tearing down the en suite. I've got a lot of rebuilding to do. Also discovered clear signs of previous water damage under the old shower. Probably for the best that it was so rubbish we didn't use it.
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Needed a bottle opener and had some offcuts after the fire guard protect...

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This was a huge project in the end. Glad it's finished now :-)

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Very nearly done. Hopefully tomorrow I'll add hinges to actually hold the sections together. Then grind the worst of the welding down and paint the whole lot.
Had to try it out in-situ .

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