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Welcome to the party, 1808!
Nice shot. You've given me a (potentially dangerous) idea. You should be ashamed.

you bought one of those things?
Nice!  That's sounds like some fun flexible spending there ;) 

Do you have to be a dev to get one? 
haha can you register for more than one pair?  You could make bank!
Yay, welcome 1808! Beautiful photo, too!
I still haven't received mine. :-(
Cool. Did it arrive via US Postal Service, Fedex, or UPS?
+Pete Teoh It came via FedEx. It required a signature, so I got a call from FedEx the day before delivery to make sure someone could sign for it.
Thanks, +Daniel Ward. I guess I'll have to wait patiently. I don't remember if we entered an address during the pre-order. I'm assuming they must look up your G+ or Wallet profile for the mailing address, or did they ask you? 
They'll email you before shipping, +Pete Teoh. Obviously if they don't know for sure when it ships, your address might be different by then.
Hey +Pete Teoh, I checked and it looks like we don't have your email address. You should have received an email from us immediately after I/O requesting your address -- maybe it got lost? Just send your shipping address to us and we'll sort it out. You can reply to any email we've sent you.
Thanks, +Sarah Price. I replied to the email with Sergey's photo from his drive again with my email address and mailing address. Hopefully it makes it this time. 
...and many, many Australian's are waiting for their orders to arrive also :)
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