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10 very good UI improvements to Google Analytics today (If you found something else, please add to the comments)

Today I woke up to a re-designed UI on Google Analytics. Very interesting changes that add up to a more intuitive interface. Here are a few of them that I specially liked:

1. Sidebar: great thumbnails (although the $ sign should be in the Goals tab, not in the Advertising).
2. Graphs: they look better, nicer to the eye, the points got smaller and more linked to the lines. And they are not Flash anymore, i.e. it works on iPads/iPhones.
3. Above graphs: you now get to choose the data grouping without a drop down (Hourly, Day, Week...).
4. Above graphs: increased visibility of "compare to metrics" option (thanks +Jim Gianoglio)
5. Inside tables: you now get the strip with the totals below the graph.
6. Inside tables: you now see much clearer the goals tab, which is a much used part.
7. Above tables: the types of data visualization are much easier to use outside a drop down.
8. In-Page Analytics: I must confess I don't use this report very often, but it looks gorgeous (especially in full screen version)!
9. Functionality: ability to share advanced segments and dashboards (thanks +Jim Gianoglio)
10. Functionality: data points from time series also download to excel (thanks +Adrian Palacios)

Thanks to +Phil Mui and the team.
We've been listening to your feedback about the new version of Google Analytics, and are excited to release an updated user interface featuring enhancements to nearly all aspects of the design of ...
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A few other things: the data points from the time series also download to excel ( +Amy Sample pointed that out elsewhere), and someone else also pointed out the graphs are no longer in Flash :-)
And don't forget (although not UI improvement) the updates to be able to share advanced segments and dashboards - a lot of people have been waiting for this.

Another UI improvement, in addition to choosing the data grouping without a drop down (Hourly, Day, Week...) is the increased visibility of the "compare to metric" option.

The only things that I miss (please bring them back!) are the ability to click on a day in the graph and add an annotation from that (as opposed to clicking the nearly hidden dropdown arrow beneath the graph). Also, if you want to change the metric that's shown in the graph (from visits to pages/visit to avg. time on site etc.) you used to be able to click on the scorecard and the graph would update. Now you have to select the metric from the dropdown in the top left of the graph. It's a small thing, but I prefer just clicking in the scorecard - seems a little faster.

Overall, I love the improvements so far and can't wait to see what's next!
Thanks +Jim Gianoglio, I can't believe I forgot the dashboard and advanced segments sharing... Added to the list.
I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I say GA yesterday. For me...
- Notable performance improvements on page load times (i'm on a very slow wireless modem dongle)... I'm guessing due to the reduced usage of Flash
- New 'Loading' bar displays (e.g. when switching to 'Show rows = 100')

I saw one post mention the yellow “this report is based on x visits” box has been replaced by a slider... but I hadn't spotted this previous to the changes so no loss for me.

+Jim Gianoglio - I liked the ingraph annotations... probably one of the casualties of the move from Flash. Still, the 'Create New Annotation' option is there below the graph (hit the 1cm wide expand tab - apologies don't know how to properly define this little thin grey flap beneath the chart).
I just remembered one other UI change - the gear icon in the top right that would take you to account settings now is a link that says "Admin" with another link next to that for "Help" which takes you to the GA support pages.

Here's another functionality improvement (thanks for the heads up from +Dorcas Alexander):
When exporting a report, the data points from the graph are now included in the exported file.
that's an important on +Jim Gianoglio ; i almost freaked out when i saw a few different graphs and thought "oh my god look at that dip" and then realized the scale was different :-)
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