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Measuring engagement on +Google+ using Google Analytics

I just published a guest post on the official Google Analytics blog on how to use the new Social reports to measure your visitors engagement. For each report I added an actionable insight you can get out of it. Check it out!

Thanks to +Adam Singer for picking this post for the Google Analytics blog.
The most significant change that it brings to the game is we are now able to better tie social activities (on and off-site) to online behavior and revenue. This is especially accentuated for the Socia...
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Dude! Awesome awesome article. I love the actionable take-aways. Spreading the love...
Thanks +David Jaeger, I appreciate the good words! Hopefully this article can help marketers understand a bit better what happens on their social channels...
very happy to see the Assisted vs. Last Interaction Analysis , great help understanding the 'visit value'.

Any news about analytics for G+ pages, +Daniel Waisberg?
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