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View +Google Analytics metrics from your Google+ dashboard

Pretty cool new addition to Google+ Page dashboards: if your page is linked to a website that has Google Analytics you can now view your monthly metrics (and comparison to last month) from your Google+ dashboard!

According to the tooltip in the card: "This card shows Google Analytics data for the website associated with your Google+ page. To change the card view, please configure the default view under your Google Analytics property."
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Can other people see this or just me? How can I make this private?
+Daniel Waisberg the website is connected but there is just a button leading to Analytics. Is this what you're talking about?
+Daniel Waisberg  Could you give some details on changing the default card view please? I modified the Dashbord of Google Analytics account but the card doesn't change. Is it possible to add the real time stats ? (I come frome France.)
Hi +Daniel Waisberg! We have multiple G.A. profile for our website, and the wrong one is currently displaying in our G+ dashboard. Basically, UA...18 is displaying and we want UA...1 to display. Haven't figured out how to change that yet, can you please assist?
Hi +Matthew Bologna if you look at Property Settings in the admin section you have the option to select the default view.
Hi +Niall McCusker, thanks for trying to help. However I only have one option in the area you're referring to, can't change what appears there. Basically we have two UA profiles tracking the same website, long story, and I can't figure out how to make the correct one display in our G+ dashboard.
Raghu t
Hi Daniel Waisberg  is Google analytics   V 3 API list out these Metrics?
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