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LinkedIn is for connecting, NOT for building relationships

Today I woke up to the cartoon below by +Tom Fishburne, describing the way people connect on LinkedIn, which is kind of broken. People usually try to grow the number of connections without being too worried about building relationships. How often do you ask a person to connect you to someone else on LinkedIn and you hear: "I don't really know that person."

That's why I like +Chris Brogan post today on his site ( He closed his account! And I tend to agree with him that LinkedIn is the least actionable account for me, maybe because it does not allow me to build relationships, only to connect to people. His closing lines: "See you on +Google+ or wherever else business gets done."
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I am also over LinkedIn. Dozens of times I've reached out to new people in my field and been repeatedly shut down by LinkedIn for doing so. Apparently you're only supposed to connect with people you already know. Huh? How is that building my network? I don't mind if people aren't interested in connecting with me and building a relationship - that's their prerogative. But for LinkedIn to decide this? Bad.

I already have pretty good networks but operate on the premise that meeting and interacting with new people is professionally essential and a real value add for me (and I hope for them too). There is always someone out there with terrific ideas and ways of doing things and I love to speak with them and learn from them. LinkedIn's premise is that this is wrong and that's when I lost interest. In the years I've had a LinkedIn account only once has it benefitted my business and a cursory glance at who hits my profile shows recruiters and more recruiters - none of whom actually make contact with me. And on the groups side I am unable to block the crazies who spam me without blocking the whole group. So I'm also focusing my efforts on G+ with the hope that it will continue to be inclusive, interesting and informative. 
+Daniel Waisberg LinkedIn isn't my favourite social network but I believe it does offer value. The problem I have with LinkedIn is when people you don't know try to connect - and don't explain why!

I'm quite happy to ask someone I don't know to connect with me on LinkedIn because I use it as a networking tool. But I always explain why I want to connect with that person.
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