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This is my occasional check-in. Hello. Who's hanging 'round these parts?

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I am engaging my community on Google+. #treetuesday

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This may be the first time I've disagreed with +Alexis C. Madrigal (which reduces our agreement percentage to about 99.98). If you're using your networks strictly for discovery of great new things, sure. But most people don't use it that way — it's usually a combination of close high school friends, co-workers, friends from clubs or sports leagues, plus people who help you discover great new things. Those first three categories tend to produce a lot of oversharers, but that doesn't mean those people aren't worth a connection. I'm not going to unfriend my college roommate because I don't like his Instagrams.

I'd argue it's not a curation failure to get the occasional overshare if it means I know when people who are important to me are getting new jobs and moving to new cities...that's just part of the bargain. And if the solution is "don't be friends with oversharers," that's just not a practical solution for many people.
Perhaps this will be the new benchmark in figuring out the question: "Am I doing a good job of curating my social feeds?" Look back at the last 20 posts in your feed. 

Always amused by my monthly Google+ check. Anyone out there? Say hello. 

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Picturing elated G+ employees popping champagne every time Twitter goes down. 

Just checking in. Anyone here? Say hello, yeah?

Every morning when I wake up I do some puzzles at to rev my brain up. They offer a single puzzle per day of each size, and I'll do a few sizes depending on how much time I have.

In what would seem to be good news, they recently redesigned the site so I can get as many puzzles as I want. As soon as I finish an 8x8, I can snap my fingers and get a new one. I used to have to wait a day to get my next dosage.

A funny thing has happened: I'm now less inclined to visit the site. Without it feeling like my morning treat, my gift for successfully waking up another day, there's no need to do one every day. I'll never miss anything, and it'll be waiting for me when I want it. The sense of reward is gone.

+Christopher Wink has talked about the value in scarcity, and I really think he's on to something. Applying this to news, because that's how I roll, could it mean frequent updates can actually chip away at our connection with readers? Could it be that -- gasp -- daily newspapers actually have the right idea? I know I follow some smart people on Twitter that are so focused on frequency that most of what they say becomes totally uninteresting.

My thoughts are much more detailed than this, but this is a start. Do feel free to join.

Wow! This is a slightly different way to consume news about Google+ and other things that the journalists and tech people I know are also posting to Facebook.
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