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I've recently noticed that on an Huawei 5.1 Android that the application bar was in the wrong position. Please let me know if you see any strange space between the built-in navigation bar and Surfy's application bar. Please let me know if you see any strange UI behaviour.


Happy new year, beta users!

The latest beta, version 1.156, is live. In this release you can change the web page text size via the appearances tab on the settings screen.


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If you are not receiving beta updates, please ensure that you are still opted-in at

We have closed the public beta channel and members of this group are now only able to opt-in for the beta..

The latest beta v1.123 is now live.

Start-up time has been halved.
There are performance improvements across the board.

The latest beta v1.122 is now live.

The main feature of this version is that when using a passcode, the app uses secure mode; hiding its image from the list of apps.

The latest beta v1.121 is now live. It contains some exciting new features:

Fingerprint reader support for unlocking the app and protected tiles.
An experimental ad blocker that blocks most ads.
Indonesian support, thanks to Satyam Sehgal.

Please leave your comments or bug reports in this thread. Or email us directly using the feedback link in the app.

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Surfy is Android app of the week on Gizmodo UK!
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Surfy Browser 1.109 Beta was just published.

This version has numerous changes and improvements.

The first thing you’ll notice is that History, Bookmarks, and Settings are now accessed via the application bar. Swiping right to open the hub is gone.

The address bar now has instant search; displaying search engine results as you type.

The application bar has a new layout.

There are new semi-transparent Launchpad tiles.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with this beta release.

Please send us your feedback, either by leaving a comment or post here, or by using the feedback link in Surfy’s about page.

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In the latest version of Surfy Browser (beta 1.103) you can listen to pages with Surfy's new Text to Speech support. Simple select listen to page from the application bar menu.

There are a load of improvements in the latest version.

Please post any comments or bug reports to this community. We'd love to receive your feedback.


Latest Beta release is out (version 1.101).
It includes:
A newly designed application bar.
New theme options including a white theme.
Greatly improved tab switching performance.
Pinch and zoom on pages.
Korean language support.
Loads of bug fixes and improvements.

Please let me know what you think.
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