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Daniel Taibleson
Content Creator, Strategist, Marketer | SEO | Social Media | Technology
Content Creator, Strategist, Marketer | SEO | Social Media | Technology

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Strategy is deciding what not to do
Strategy is deciding what not to do. It sounds so simple. Which is exactly why it's so hard. We all fall victim to the next shiny thing fluttering across our screen (or inbox). Yet life reminds us again and again that instant gratification only exists for g...

Forgot this existed

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Buffer ruined my Twitter account
I've been hard at work this past quarter putting my nose to the grind stone, cranking out new content, and learning a completely new framework and methodology for discovering commercial insights. For those who haven't read the Challenge Customer (it really ...

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The key difference between thought leadership and commercial insight
Marketer's are a passionate group of people who love what they do and at a very basic level, love learning. If we didn't, we wouldn't have become marketers. When I talk to students about what they want to do post-graduation and they're in marketing/communic...

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Mindfulness is a hot topic in the tech community right now, which is almost counter intuitive...because we see all of these prominent tech figures talking about how important it is to take a time out from our gadgets and social networks to reconnect with ou...

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Good Riddance Twitter Share Count
Content Marketers! Take some time out of your day to pour a 40oz out for Twitter's share count. You've probably heard about it by now, or noticed it, but if you're pissed off or sad about it? It's time to turn that frown upside down. Not only because you ca...

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Daniel Taibleson commented on a post on Blogger.
Super helpful! Thanks Kristi!

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What if I told you, everything you thought you knew about unicorns was a lie... image source:

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Who is the most searched for Democratic candidate?
This is live, and will keep updating, thanks to Google's awesomeness...

I was pretty amazing to see this...seems like there is a reality to the idea that Bernie's message is resonating with people...Now we'll just have to see if these same tech-savvy searc...

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As you probably know, I'm a Product hunt Addict. I use the Panda 4 Chrome extension to get my daily dose of new products (mostly software) and every now and then I stumble on something that I can't help but share. Today's gold mine find is for everyone out ...
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