CHANGE AGENT - Sample Chapters

I'm excited for the launch of my new book on April 18th, but in the meantime, you can get a sneak peek of the first two chapters at the link below.

Brief synopsis:

In 2045 Interpol's Genetic Crime Division grapples with a new type of crime: illicit genetic editing -- and it isn't long before the fight gets personal.

By the middle of the 21st century CRISPR genetic editing is routinely used to eliminate deadly heritable disorders in human embryos. However, CRISPR technology is capable of much more--and parents know it.

Black market embryo labs soon appear, willing to make risky edits for a price, with potentially unintended consequences for humanity. But having become the most profitable criminal enterprise in the world, the ruthless genetic cartels researching new edits are prepared to go to any length to defend their market. As Interpol Agent, Kenneth Durand, grapples with a new world of genetic crime, he soon becomes their prime target.

CHANGE AGENT goes on sale in hard cover, digital, and audio book formats in the U.S. and throughout Canada and the Commonwealth countries on April 18th. Pre-order now, and you'll have it on your device or in your mailbox on launch day.

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