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Status of 'Daemon' Movie

Lots of you have asked me what's going on with the motion picture adaptation of my book, Daemon.  Here's an update: after having been optioned four years ago by a major studio, the film rights will likely revert back to me on December 8th.

I've been talking with several interested parties (not all of them in Hollywood), and I'll make a public announcement when a new agreement is reached.
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I look forward to hearing more on this.
Thanks for the update.
Almost done with Kill Decision and... holy cow. It has a lot of movie potential. I want to see the scene with Odin skydiving against a drone on the big screen!
Kickstarter is your friend. I'll kick in $100 if I get a cameo as "guy buying newspaper from the newspaper machine".
I would love to see it made into a movie, if it is done by people who can do justice to one of my favorite novels. 
As soon as I listened as an audio book, it was obvious this would be an amazing movie. Unfortunately, it would need enough budget to do it justice I think.
Doug Fort
Daemon (and especially Freedom(tm)) are important books to me. Not just for entertainment. IMO better no movie than a move that doesn't carry the message. 

+1 for a blockbuster 'Kill Decision'
Actually I was gonna be a victim in "Surburban Nightmare", but I had to take care of the baby that night while my wife was going to school. So I ended up doing PA-work instead :)
I'm with you +Doug Fort  if a movie is gong to be done make sure its done right - Be hands on all the way so its a Great movie like its a Great book
For $100 I want to play Sobel. So I can die rich, even if it is only a movie. :)
Yeah, I'll kick in a C-note for a cameo as "grumpy old UNIX programmer," or just one of the guys who hands a part to another guy on the sidewalk.  I already have the grey hair and beard for the UNIX programmer part!  I've done this once before, I was in the "Producer's Club" for Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.  That was $100, but I got a poster and the movie on DVD out of the deal.
I was happy with the book and the audio book. I'm content with not having a movie destroy what I envisioned.
You know the more I think about it, a corporate movie studio might tend to be skiddish about some of the political subtext of Freedom.

I was really impressed with the thought that went into the Darknet's ability to undermine the power that governments and NGOs wield over worldwide finance and particularly agriculture. In Daemon, the Darknet looked just like a gamers HUD that made everyday life function like a virtual MMO. It wasn't until Freedom that we got a real sense of how subversive this could be from a governmental point of view.

Are you concerned +Daniel Suarez that a big movie house with corporate ties might try to water that message down?
Probably a little early to say, but if you were to make them, would you make Daemon and Freedom into separate movies or try to fit the whole storyline in one?
I would love to see a full action animation of the books - but has to have good animator's maybe like G-shell or Vexx - maybe High end web series to show case what the movie could be
Iike -- like that guy how redone MK 
I don't know if a single movie could do justice to the scale of Daemon and/or Freedom.  A cable miniseries from HBO or similar might better portray your work.
THANK YOU THANK YOU for the update, Daniel.

+John Scott I was thinking the same thing - there could be a lot of people connected to the major studios who are uncomfortable with some of the themes in Freedom, in particular...?

And no, one movie wouldn't cut it. Daniel made the (IMHO) very wise decision to divide the story into two books and I think each deserves a film of it's own.
Any chance of an HBO style miniseries? With all of the parallel story lines in Daemon it sounds like it would match GoT 's pattern well.
I hope there is a two movie deal in the future for you, and that you get to make sure it is made to your standards! Daemon and Freedom would be exceptional movies!
+Chris McIntosh I think there would have been a backlash to Freedom a month ago. Of course that also means a big media buzz as well, which might not be such a bad thing. Just getting the thing made without too much creative meddling is 9-tenths of the battle. 
If "Forward Unto Dawn" is any indication, a web series would be just as fantasic.
Dan C
Thanks for update ! I'm sooo ready for Kill Decision. 
@Scott: I think Syfy would be an even better fit for a miniseries than SHO.  This isn't that far out, compared to "The 4400" or "V".  Scarier, because it's more plausible.
I had been thinking the series thing as well.  Not just a mini though, I could see more story being told over a several seasons.  I can see season 1 being Daemon then season 2 starting freedom tm with Pete's travels becoming the long tail. 
I was hoping for a actually glad it isn't a movie yet....good luck either way
I would love to see an iOS/android app you could watch while watching the miniseries. It could like scroll the Daemon code that is going on in the background of each episode in a terminal window. Like in episode one: see something like "activate_wench = on" scroll by along with it picking out key words online news articles.
The Freedom TM episodes could have an augmented reality feature in the app that could give you extra info when you hold it up to the screen. 
I vote for an HBO mini-series
I cannot wait to hear some good news.
I agree with all the people wanting an HBO style series. They could really dig into the material in a way that is just not possible in a 2 hour movie structure. Plus, a long term transmedia campaign (ARG) with puzzles, "left behind" clues and AR would really involve the audience. The material's perfect for this. 
Wow, I hadn't even thought of an HBO style series. That would be really great - and maybe we could coax Daniel into extending the universe past Freedom a bit, as well.

Cool ideas.
I'ld join the HBO crowd! The hopes that they would adapt the books successfully would be much higher than the trust I have for Hollywood. (The 'not all of them in hollywood' line already gave me hope as well ;) )
Wachowski Siblings are pretty political. I can see them getting interested just to see if they might be able to continue to change the world. Cloud Atlas was pretty revolutionary. These books do portray a realistic and relatively plausible scenario for a post-City-State world, after all.
+Doug Platz & +Tobias Zimmer I think HBO gets the consensus because of the integrity with which they made the Game of Thrones series.  I haven't actually read the books--though a friend has loaned me his copies...THEY ARE HUGE!--but everyone who has read them says the series sticks very closely to the book throughout.  That's even more remarkable considering how season 2 ended.  I hated how much was left unresolved and thought they were simply baiting us for season 3.  Then everyone told me, 'no that's exactly how book 2 ended.' 

So HBO seems to stick to the book even when it will irritate the audience.  The only downside is their painfully slow production schedule. Waiting for them is as exciting as watching ice melt.
Can't wait to hear the great news. I have been an advocate of you're books at my last two jobs and everyone on the team ended up reading Daemon and Freedom and were blown away! KD is equally amazing. looking forward to your future projects!
Super excited about this. I've actually been talking about Daemon a lot recently and mailed out a few copies to friends who (shockingly) hadn't read it. Can't wait to hear more.
Daemon has everything to be the next Matrix. I hope it will be faithfully adapted, not turned into a mindless blockbuster!
Hi Daniel!  Vernor Vinge just recommended Daemon to me.  Halfway through, but I think Hollywood would be fools to pass it up!
Hey Dan I can not wait for the movie! You should be the director that way hollywood can get something right!
Control is a rare and beautiful thing, even when it comes to your own creative work. I know this second chance will give you the opportunity to make it everything you want. If you need anything, you know we're there for you and M.
+Kimberly Unger - You made my day.  I'm a huge Vernor Vinge fan (Fire Upon the Deep had the most imaginative conception of an alien species ever).
Everyone - This is great. It's wonderful to hear from my readers on this topic. Your enthusiasm means a lot to me.
Must feel great to have the rights back. Onwards!
Well, reading this book was already like a movie but I am still so curious. But what about a drama series?
Adapting your books into a comic series would be amazing. Maybe with some prodding from the community we can get someone to reach out. First publishers originally missed out and now maybe Hollywood. Well, more ownership and money for you  :)
Mr. Suarez here is one more bit of undoubtably superfluous input. I was just commenting on a related thread by tech personality +Veronica Belmont , who reposted this thread. And I remembered that David Cameron had a lot of flack from conservative pundits about supposed liberal, anti-business aspects of the movie Avatar. ...Just a suggestion and this is by no means a trivial thing...but given how he was attacked, he might be receptive to some of the previously mentioned political undertones. That is to say--if your agent reached out there's a chance he might be just the guy for this. Or at least, might be able to free up a lunch if for no other reason to give a heads up as to how if at all the opposition were a hindrance for him. A long shot I know but you only live once right? 
I like +kay meseberg It would be cool as a series a la Game of Thrones. Maybe even a Netflix or Hulu would be interested.
Started playing +Ingress  last week and I couldn't help but think of your books so I started listening to them again. If the whole movie thing doesn't work out I could easily see your creative work being adapted into a game.
Wow, I just found out about this. +Daniel Suarez thanks for giving your fans an update on the status of Daemon's potential on the big screen. I really hope this is a possibility. I finished reading Kill Decision about two weeks ago. What a fun read it was! Good luck on your endeavor and remember, we are here to support you in any way we can.
im afraid that if Daemon came out now as a movie loads of people would think it was ripping off something like Ingress. but really D-space is the logical conclusion to Ingress.
if extras for mmo players are needed i would love to. :p
+Kehnin Dyer Then again people may be waiting for Ingress invites 10 years from now at the rate they're going. 
Happy to support this effort any way I can. After In read Daemon In wanted to go watch the movie version, and I don't get that urge after reading just any book. Also happy to serve as an extra in the rave scene ;)
I'm confident a new suitor will come quickly. This property is too good to pass up!
That would make a great book but I think you might have to split it into 2 movies to do it justice. Something like they did to the matrix series. 
Daemon really rocked my world (because, as I said in my review, it's both "terrifying and terrifyingly plausible"). I think more people should have that mind-expanding experience, since tech isn't going away and most fiction doesn't take it seriously/realistically enough. Loved reading the book (the pacing reminded me of Snow Crash, which "read like a movie" to me), but i think you'd reach more people with a film, and I could absolutely imagine a great film adaptation of Daemon, tho it would be quite an undertaking. I'm thinking of scenes like the first time Sobol's house fires the sonic weapon or hacking into the game and finding the wizard who says "You don't belong here!". People would also freak that their data/internet is so easily hackable, and I also love the "neo-tribal" concept of only recruiting serious gamers for DarkNet (very analagous to why it's hard to infiltrate the Taliban). Anyway, as should be obvious, really hope you can find someone who's as excited to adapt Daemon to a serious film as we are excited to see it! ;)
How could this book not be a movie? Good luck!
So exciting! I love seeing how everyone else is excited to see this happen too. 
All for it of course. TV series or even webisodes could be interesting—the story is complex enough for something longer than a film.
Initially the idea of a series didn't grab me, but now the more I think about it the more I like it... Big budget movie for Daemon, then a series? (+Dean Beers)
It would make a good tv series as well. But I would love to see a movie!
+Daniel Suarez thanks for the update, this is very exciting news about a book that has been an inspiration to those of us in the augmented reality industry.  Best of luck on what the future holds for you and one of my favorite books!
Fingers crossed you get the rights back, and get to do with them EXACTLY what you want! I will be in line for the midnight showing when this comes out, no matter what. :)
Kickstarter would be an excellent way of raising the funds for the movie.  I would be willing to pitch in a fair chunk of change even if it didn't mean a walk on part as that guy crossing the street that one time. 
...and people wonder why the movie industry struggles...

They've had one of the best sci-fi/tech stories of all time in their grubby mits for four years and have failed to even start production on a single film!   

The cynic in me would suggest this was more about blocking production of the film, than their desire to produce it...  it is after all, a fairly politically charged allegory that spits in the face of most of the established corporate and political 'elite' ideologies. 

Probably for the best that you get the rights back.. you don't want the core message butchered in the transition to the big screen. 

I really hope you get something going though, I (and many others no doubt) would love to see this as a franchise of films or even tv series,  it would both be entertaining and stunning from a cinematic perpective, aswell as compelling from a morality stand point.

Good Luck!  (fingers are crossed, and ready to help fund any kickstarter project if that's what it takes..)
I read Daemon a couple years ago and recently picked it up to read it again before I read Freedom for the first time.  These are easily the best books I have read. Very detailed and well written Mr. Suarez.  I am a fan for life. Can't wait for the movie!
hey daniel, please make sure whoever does it does it justice, those 2 books, and kill decision, are without a doubt my favorite books. they're so important, and not just for the amazing storyline. 

but of course you're gonna need a big budget to do it properly, or maybe wait a little while longer for price-performance on sfx comes down. i'm so looking forward to it without a doubt.  Very best of luck :)

What an emotional rollercoaster. I just got to thinking what an excellent movie Daemon would be. If for no other reason, then certainly the execution of Roy Merrit would make an unbelievably impressive movie scene if done properly. But, back to the coaster, I search for: "Daemon movie" and find an article that must have been from years ago, because it stated that Paramount (maybe?), had purchased rights. I was just so happy that rights to the book were purchased by a big studio only to land here and learn the rights had reverted. The big studios make me worry about keeping the integrity of the story intact, but the inadequacies which a small budget would reveal would be the greater of two evils imho. 
+bobby yeah that would be a great scene, also the final part of daemon would be mentaaaallll. Even the way its written is epic.  Another great part would be where the major captures Loki, thats sick, actually made me sit up and start WTF'ing.  This mans writing skills are amazing. I know what you mean about the big studios, smaller studios / indies would probably do a better job, but regarding the trade-off, hopefully the exponential rise of price-performance of sfx will get to a decent stage for the regular folks by that time, technology can already create any visual effects/environments that people can imagine, and that has only been in the last decade (which is probably why Marvel waited until the 2000's to release shit loads of movies)
These books have inspired my upcoming career change I can't wait to see justice done to hands down the best book I have ever read. 
Daemon and Freedom<tm> are by far and away my two favorite books.  Have recommended them to dozens and even bought about 5 copies of Daemon to give to friends and none have been disappointed - new fans all.  I have been chomping at the bit at the movie version of these books since I've read them.  I'm also a huge fan of your story and how you kept true to your vision.  Please keep at it.  I'm a lifelong fan of your work and will continue to read anything you write! Is it bad that by the end of Freedom, I wanted to join a halon and generate clean energy for credits?  :)
I'm currently in the middle of Daemon.  I can't believe how great a book this is!  As a developer I'm riveted by the technically accurate details.  Freedom is next on my list!
Looking at the development history of your own book, a crowdfunded movie seems like a realistic option, don't you think, +Daniel Suarez?

And please don't let anyone spoil the technological depth and societal insights of your book(s) by putting too much emphasis on all the action sequences - which are of course important to progress story elements, no doubt. If this movie adaption will be done right, we would probably have yet another movie classic right there in front of us. If it fails, it will be a serious waste of writing/thinking talent.

And what I am most concerned about: If someone would make the movie fail on purpose, just to put a negative spin on the clear message of both books. We should closely watch the movie development progression.

As far as I am concerned, I am actually glad movie rights are not in the hands of Hollywood anymore.
The only drawback for a Daemon movie would be if reallity would catch up with the subject before it is screened ;) .... seriously ... Daemon has the Potential to become THE best techno-Movie ... its ideas are way in front of the stuff that is currently out there (matrix, terminator, etc.) ... just finished Kill Decision ... as a PHD Student in the field of machine learning and computer vision I have to say: Good job on the scientific part. I loved how the automatic guns killed the TV screens ... FALSE Positive! Oh, the masks etc. will fail once gait recognition and the general recognition of "biological movements" in contrast to artificial movements improves. Thats the stuff that is really hard to fake. 
+Daniel Suarez Go for crowd-funding for the movie.  I'm confident your fans (myself included) would get this funded...just make sure that you are involved because I want the movie to be like the book...amazing.
I read the books a few years back and have since been plying my friends with them. I agree that a TV series would fit the scope of the projects perfectly. As far as director.. Joss Whedon would to very well with it. Mostly because even though they books were very tech driven it was the characters who kept me engaged. Whedon does a great job blending tech and character plot lines. 
Just listened to the Audible versions during a long road trip over the weeked.  I think this would be better adapted as a mini series.  A movie would be too short.
I actually agree with everyone seeing both books realized as a high value production TV series. Would have to be high level though.

Still, let's crowdfund this, people!
The way that the book is structured I can only see a TV series making it work. A movie would be doomed to fail and is most likely why a production company never picked it up. Try going to Netflix. This would be perfect for them.
Just finished reading it - This would be the my next "hackers" movie. Defiantly my favorite book I've read in a long time. Look forward to hearing more about this....Seebeck story?
Folks, let's keep the momentum of this going and share the Netflix idea with the web/world. Also, don't forget to share this with your Twitter, Facebook and Real-World friends!

I'd also be interested in you point of view on this, +Daniel Suarez.
Really want to see this on SOME screen, preferably one that doesn't have broadcast rule limitations.
Needs to be an anime a la Akira with soundtrack work by Clams Casino similar to Akira's with the ancient vibe mixed with Neo San Francisco.
Netflix or HBO would be the ideal spot. Maybe not a series, maybe a mini series.
How about creating a Kickstarter project for this?
Well then, let's Start this. What Do you all think?
how about crypto crowd funding?
Well written and soo exciting!  I could see each scene and couldn't wait to steal away to listen, even for 5 minutes.
Does anyone else just want to see a big screen version of the last three chapters?  I picture it looking amazing.  I finished this book in one weekend and I am half way through Freedom ™. 
I would love to see it on a big screen, same with freedom. Amazing pair of books. I reread them perhaps every 6 months. 
I'm now reading Daemon, it's such an awesome book. This morning I read the pages where the Daemon task force discovers it was infiltrated and the task force was immediately destroyed by the Daemon. It was awesome, I can't wait to see a movie adaptation of this. 
Or yet even better, +Samir Baksh, a TV series. Because a movie is too short to realize the true potential of the book(s). There is only so much action Hollywood would be able to cram into a 90-minute book adaption of the "Daemon".

I would put my money down for a TV adaption being true not only to the action-packed content but also the clear political message Mr. Suarez' books certainly communicate to their readers. 
coming in late to this series but intrigued about an HBO Series or movie trilogy.  Daniel, you have got to make this happen. 
Looking forward to seeing the razorback and the LIPC in RL.
+Timothy Sereda is there a minor chance you'd be interested in putting "Daemon" and "FreedomTM" on the silverscreen or maybe create a closed Mini-TV series out of the two books? 

Either way. Would be great if you'd keep me in the loop.
I'm pretty sure the fandom is big enough to realize it by crowdfunding. Someone has to initiate this if Hollywood or others are too coward.
Hololens from Microsoft: And reality imitates art...
+Mike Cloud Whatever; so much great stuff: Deamon, Darknet, Kill Decision....
My wife is allways lucky about the movie adaptions of her favourite writer Nicholas Sparks - trivia in my opinion. And this great visions of Daniel? No idea what's going on there in Hollywood...
Forget a movie. Get HBO to make a series out of the books. 
I'm sad this hasn't happened yet :-(
I am hopeful though! 
I agree, I want a Sequel to Freedom   I truly enjoyed Deamon , Freedom.  I have read Kill Decision and others. But I truly think we need to see Mathew Sobel's master plan in book 3. So much potential for a great story! 
So, sorry if I missed something but is there still a possibility that Daemon and/or Darknet will reach the big screen in the foreseeable future? 
Please write another book.You and Robert J. Sawyer are my favorite male sci-fi authors. Your books make me think. My husband and I have great discussions about your books.
+Moritz Marohn​ I would vote for a TV series to realize the two books. A movie will boil it all down to car chases and explosions. 
Anyone know if +Daniel Suarez would personally support a Kickstarter campaign to make a TV/Web series of "Daemon" & "FreedomTM"?

This could become pretty interesting.
I think a 10 Season TV Series, filmed as a movie - like GOT, would be fantastic.
+Louis Garcia That's exactly what I've been saying all along. So? Any connections to the biz? ;-)
+Arno Selhorst -  I've been thinking along these lines as well. It's been a while, but I'm taking my time to make sure it's done right. Continued support from my readers helps tremendously - so thank you. 
+Daniel Suarez​: taking time is crucial in order to keep control over your story. I can only sympathize with this attitude. Just let all of us know how we can help and how the project is coming along.

I assume we are all very excited to hear from you soon. 
+Daniel Suarez​: taking time is crucial in order to keep control over your story. I can only sympathize with this attitude. Just let all of us know how we can help and how the project is coming along.

I assume we are all very excited to hear from you soon. 
I think the radio adaption from einslive has shown that the story is too complex for a movie.
+Mathias Baranyai​ that's why we suggest a miniseries for TV with a production value of a "Game of Thrones" caliber. 
Shut up and take my money. Seriously, make this happen.
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