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Some of you may have noticed that I occasionally disappear for long stretches -- neither updating my RSS tech feed, posting in social media, or keeping up with email for months at a time. This tends to happen when I'm deeply involved in writing a book, as I was until recently. Now that I’ve finished (info to follow soon), I’m looking forward to wading back into the online world, interacting with readers, and discussing what I’ve been working on.

Of course, this sort of intermittent disengagement runs contrary to the constant contact culture of social media, but I find long periods of uninterrupted contemplation richly rewarding. That's not to say I am completely disconnected during these periods. Instead, I’m essentially running at ‘periscope-depth’ – researching, observing, and analyzing aspects of our culture and evolving trends without directly participating. A lurker? Perhaps, but constant interruptions tend to disperse my thoughts in unpredictable and unsatisfying ways, and since I have the luxury of occasionally playing the hermit, I do so.

For all of you who emailed me in the past few months, don’t be surprised if you get a reply out of the blue, and you can expect to see me posting more, both on my tech feed as well as here on Google+. I’ll post more shortly about my next book, which deals with autonomous drones and next-gen, anonymous warfare.
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In that case I appreciate your absences. I've been looking forward to your next work.
I Loved Daemon and Freedom TM. I look forward to your next work.
I've read the first two books twice over now, I can't wait for the third.
Thanks for your scenarios and a bit of a utopy from germany. ;-)
I admire your self-discipline and ability to focus sequentially.
I am thrilled to hear (read?) that you have just finished another book. I cannot wait to see what thought-provoking material you have for us next!
So stoked to hear you are, and have been, active. Eagerly, we await.
I look forward to it. I read Daemon because it was mentioned ont the twit podcast security now. I have to say I think it was my favorite thing I have read since Cryptonomicon.
Disappear as long as you need to in order to get your next book out... Your writing is brilliant and I look forward to reading more from you!!
"as I was until recently"... Good news :)
Great to hear Daniel. Obviously quite a few of us are looking forward to reading your next book.
Great news. Daemon and Freedom are two great books. I look forward to the next one.
I was very worried that you had stopped writing. I read that you were an IT consultant or something similar, on your website. I figured you were relying on a potentially more lucrative, or maybe just more stable, income source. I am extremely pleased to see you have another book. I would KILL for another 'Daemon' book, so... if you want rid of anyone...
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