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The next privacy battle will take place over your mind...

If you think privacy is dead, at least you're still secure in your private thoughts. However, even that bright line is about to be crossed. A host of patents are prepping the ground to monetize brainwave-reading technology -- everything from controlling video games with your mind to determining consumer mental states.

Image: gengiskanhg/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) 
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If they need to establish a "baseline" on what people are thinking...just start with the DMV.  Everyone there is thinking the same thing..."how long will this line take?"
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Daniel Suarez

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On Internet, apps use you

You might suspect your favorite app of sharing your data with a URL or two -- but 2,000 URLs?

Researchers in France downloaded thousands of apps from Google Play store then monitored the secret connections they made. Each app was launched on a Samsung Galaxy SIII running Android version 4.1.2 that was set up to channel all traffic through the team’s server. This recorded all the urls that each app attempted to contact. It turns out there was a whole lot of secret connecting going on.

Undoubtedly many users suspected as much, but it's the sheer scale of the connections and lack of transparency that I find most disturbing. I'd wager that a free quiz app that asked to send your phone contacts, call history, location, and calendar to thousands of URLs around the world, would not be very popular.
Security researchers have developed an automated system for detecting Android apps that secretly connect to ad sites and user tracking sites.
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The article suggests that there are a small percentage that are abusing the privilege (200-500+).  Many inexperienced devs use addons and plugins without really investigating them fully, so with the sheer number of apps out there, I can easily see how this happens.  For the casual user, there's not an easy way (other than being surprised at how fast they chew through data) to see what apps are out of line.
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Daniel Suarez

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AR and Haptics

I believe there's a big future for augmented reality  -- both in work and play. This haptic innovation from the University of Bristol in the UK makes interaction with in situ virtual objects more natural by allowing the body's largest organ -- our skin -- to sense them.

#AugmentedReality    #Haptics  
A team of researchers at the University of Bristol has created a device that enables its users to touch and feel three-dimensional holograms in thin air.
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Very interesting!
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Daniel Suarez

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Deep in the zone..

I haven't been posting on G+ for several weeks. It's not from lack of interest. I'm in a phase of writing my next book(s) where I prefer to remain as focused as possible, with only occasional forays onto the Net.

I'll likely be running at periscope depth for a little while longer -- posting only occasionally. That said, I do read emails and scan social media, and once I'm back, I'll have interesting material to share from my months of research...
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What's the next book? Found you and have read all your books, can't wait for the next one...
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Daniel Suarez

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'The Gameful World' from MIT Press

I contributed to a text book recently published by MIT Press, edited by +Steffen P. Walz and +Sebastian Deterding.  'The Gameful World' explores gamification with essays from numerous contributors such as Jane McGonigal,  Ian Bogost, et al. It's a comprehensive look at a field I'm certain will only become more relevant in coming years.

'The Gameful World'
Approaches, Issues, Applications
Edited by Steffen P. Walz and Sebastian Deterding     #gamification
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+Martin Seeger  - Not sure what the availability on Kindle will be. I'm just one of over fifty contributors. This is more of an academic book -- one that I expect will be used in coursework on the topic.
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Daniel Suarez

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Forget Dragons: 'Game of Thrones' Smites Spy Drones

HBO's set in Northern Ireland is protected by a 'no-drone-zone.' I like to imagine enforcement is suitably dramatic (CUT TO: CGI dragon incinerating drone in mid-flight)...
Top-secret filming on the HBO fantasy epic has been protected by a no-fly zone over the set in Northern Ireland.
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+Paul Rector I see what u did there. 
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Daniel Suarez

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Your Internet legacy...

Matthew Sobol was well prepared for his demise, but not all of us have the time or the resources to leave behind an active presence on the Net. Thus far, posthumous hosting services haven't had much longevity -- which raises the question: is it even possible to plan a web site that will persist a hundred years after you're gone? Here's a primer on the pitfalls of establishing your digital tombstone...    
Want to host your WordPress site for a hundred years? It's an impossibly difficult undertaking. Let's explore the gaps technologists have left themselves in planning our digital legacy. | Difficulty: Beginner; Length: Medium; Tags: WordPress, Hosting
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I got as far as the first line as was laughing at the idea of a WordPress site staying online after my death.  Without me here to keep the plugins, templates, and overall system updated, the thing would be hacked off the face of the planet by scriptkiddies before I was even in the ground.

Ok... done laughing and heading back to finish reading that post.  :-)
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Daniel Suarez

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A BMW with frickin' laser beams on its head(lights)...

These reactive, laser-powered headlights have some innovative capabilities...  (the interesting part starts 45 seconds in)
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+Nathan Bonsal You know the quills on a porcupine aren't called "pricks". In fact the word "prick" would simply be a verb when referring to a porcupine. Since pricking is what they do not what they have. Good try though.

- Appreciator of fine jokes.
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Daniel Suarez

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A nextgen Darknet is in the works...

Tor plans to double the encryption strength of hidden service’s identity key and to allow offline storage for that key, a major security upgrade.

Next-gen hidden services will also be able to run from multiple hosts to better deal with denial of service attacks and high traffic, closing the scalability gap between the Dark Net and normal websites.

Led by data scientist Christopher White, this project is explicitly not aimed at de-anonymizing any Tor user or “accessing information not intended to be publicly available,” according to a recent DARPA blog post. Still, government funding of Tor—which, by the way, was invented as a U.S. Navy research project in 2002—has always been somewhat controversial.

This isn't the first time DARPA has contributed financially to Tor. A 2001-2006 stint as sponsor stands next to similar grants from the U.S. Navy, State Department, and the National Science Foundation as government sponsorships over the past decade.

#DarkNet   #NextGen
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Daniel Suarez

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Conductive Inks -- Printing Circuits Inside Your 3D Projects

Voxel8's new ink is not only highly conductive and printable at room temperature; it also stays where it’s put. It can be used to connect conventional components—like computer chips and motors.

For example, the company made a quadcopter by printing its plastic body layer by layer, periodically switching to printing conductive lines that became embedded by successive layers of plastic.

A startup called Voxel8 is using materials expertise to extend the capabilities of 3-D printing.
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Printing an Electrical Vascular system
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Daniel Suarez

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Maybe the Ancient Egyptians simply failed their saving throw...

#ancient     #d20die     #dnd  
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Gamemaster: Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, you have been beaten by Cesar and you are now on the run. What do you do?
Pompeius: I'll ask my old buddy Lucius Septimius for harbourage in Egypt.
Gamemaster: Please roll for a friendly reception....
Pompeius: Argh.... sh*t
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Daniel Suarez

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Wow! That was great! Carolina Chocolate Drops are amazing too! 
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NY Times bestselling author.  Writes high-tech / sci-fi thrillers:  Daemon, Freedom™, Kill Decision, and Influx.
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