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I was expecting some arguments for why E-readers kill creativity and was disappointed to find out there are none as this headline - tellingly enough - confounds "E-readers" and "e-Raters".
That the same mistake probably happens in some academic minds makes me sad. :-(
E-readers will kill creativity. BY SAMUEL CLEARY | APRIL 30, 2012 6:30 AM. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend. Hey prof, grade my essay? There's (kind of) an app for that. The e-Rater, an automated essay-g...
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+Daniel Spielmann Very true - esp. given the free-floating anxiety about and resistance to technology in higher ed, one bad technology (and I certainly think robo-grading is very very very bad technology indeed) somehow constitutes a strike against any kind of technology, tarred with the same brush as it were.
The article itself is very good, though - looks like the title in the RSS feed is a snafu by the editorial staff, not the author of the article. Maybe they have robo-editors, ha ha. :-)
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