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Daniel Sonntag

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Shared publicly  - it weird if that's how I shop at the depot already?

Daniel Sonntag

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your facebook link above didn't work.

can you cover Rascal Flatts "Why"

Daniel Sonntag

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Just got your hands on your first dSLR? Here are some tips on setting up.
Just got your hands on your first digital SLR? Here are some tips to help set up your camera for beginner photographers.
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Daniel Sonntag

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The Little Dipper is an asterism (star pattern) in the larger constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. The most famous star in the constellation is Polaris.
The Little Dipper is an asterism (star pattern) in the larger constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. The most famous star in the constellation is Polaris.
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Daniel Sonntag

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Known as the huge clusters that are made of galaxies, superclusters are actually combined of hundreds of thousands of approximate galaxies.The LANİAKEA supercluster is hometo the Milky way, across 520 million light years andcontains 100 million x 1 trillion stars.
A new research has recently contributed a new calculation of distance, number and dimension that ischallenging for the mind.According to the news published by the science magazine nature, a team led by astronemer Brent tully from the  university of Hawaii has revealed that a supercluster  that is known  as LANİAKEA  meaning 'immeasurable heaven' in local language is actually 100 thousand times larger than is was thought to be before.


Known as the huge clusters that include galaxy groups in the universe, superclusters compose of hundreds of thousands of neighboring galaxsies.According to the new map, the LANİAKEA supercluster of the Milky Way is as large as 520 million light years ( 1 light year= about 10 trillin kilometers) and has 100 million x1 trillion sratrs. The Milky Way, which is home to our planet as well, is as small as a dot at the edge of LANİAKEA supercluster. LANİAKEA stands out with its extraordinary new image that looks like fiber strings of pearls. Shapley, Hercules, Coma and Perseus, Pisces superclusters neighbor LANİAKEA.


Tully and his team, who used the GBT radiotelescope in West Virginia in the USA, has taken another view of the Milky Way by using the position and speed of 8 thousand galaxies.
After calculating the movements followed by the expansion of the universe, the team has formed a three dimensional view of how the cosmic neighbors of our galaxy were formed. The borders and interesting structure of LANİAKEA was revealed this way. The Milky Way looks like it is settled on a branch of one of the many galactic rivers.
It is noted that this research is a milestone in understanding the size and limit of superclusters and galaxies.

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Daniel Sonntag

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is there anyway to do it without the sugar? i can't do honey

Daniel Sonntag

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this is so awesome. if you think this guy is too much, YOU need to get up to speed. You are in snail-mode. Get up!! OMG people wake up!!! wake up!!! come on, let's go! what the hell are you doing? you're just laying there complaining. STOP. GO! Get up and GO!

Daniel Sonntag

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When storytellers are cornered by a tough plot problem, our first instinct is to ignore the problem by making our characters behave irrationally. Then we use character dialogue to handwave it and hope the audience...
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Daniel Sonntag

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ahahah this is the truth
Maria Jose Carrera's profile photo
Very true lol can't even match his socks 
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Daniel Sonntag

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Several new studies reveal that the health and lifestyle choices of both mother and father have permanent health impact on future generations.
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