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22.5 km walked today (ingress mission day)
13.1km walked yesterday (ingress anomaly in Sydney)
18.3 km walked the day before familiarizing myself with the city
My feet hurt

Went to ingress fist Saturday in Melbourne and won something for creating 2 fields

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Turn a selfie button into a slides clicker (android) using external keyboard helper pro to intercept the button and remap it to a more useful command.

Pair with the bluetooth remote
enable the custom keyboard in android settings

advanced settings > keyboard mapping > customize keyboard mapping
Map keycode 28 to page up
map keycode 115 to page down

Open an input box and change the on screen keyboard to "external keyboard helper pro"

Now start sheets.
Hopefully pressing button 1 should map top page up and this should go to the next slide.
Pressing button 2 should map to page down and go back a slide.

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Added photos to #Persepolis XM Anomaly Satellite: Perth, AU.

Early flight to Perth, looking forward to play some ingress

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Farming Auckland style

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Batteries all the way down

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Waiting for the plane to New Zealand for

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Finally magma classic has been released.
Magma classic is an email server designed for security and encryption.
Looks like this is my weekend project to get this running.
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