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Daniel Slick
A man trying to understand how the world works. I want to learn, I want to tinker, I want to experience.....I want to live!
A man trying to understand how the world works. I want to learn, I want to tinker, I want to experience.....I want to live!

Hi all! I've been following the community since I joined G+ a few years but was recently hired as an Information Security Analyst for a health care non-profit. It's a small organization but growing quickly and we're rapidly building out our security and compliance infrastructure to accompany growth.

I'm looking forward to being a part of the vibrant community, especially the IT Security/Cybersecurity channel. I hope I can make some meaningful contributions along the way.


I'm now nearly certain that Gmail's spam filters are "punishing" messages sent to a non-Gmail address and forwarded to Gmail.

I received two identical messages: one sent to a Gmail address and the other to an Outlook address, which is forwarded to Gmail. The Gmail address was properly sorted in the inbox, while the one sent to the Outlook address was marked as Spam.

I find this behavior curious and wonder if the forwarding is making it difficult for Gmail's spam filters to properly analyze, and thus categorize, incoming messages.

Does anyone know of a good Chrome OS client to run iPython notebooks? I tried CoLaboratory but wasn't able to load an existing notebook; additionally, the service has been discontinued.

My first reaction to the news from Microsoft regarding One Drive storage plans is not good. Reducing the free cap from 15 to 5 GB will not earn you any friends. I understand that the move is intended to convert users to Office 365, but I think that will also come up lacking. None of this is helped by the absence of a Windows 10 sync client that utilizes the concept of "smart files". #microsoft #onedrive #cloud

Interesting that Inbox isn't yet supported on Edge. Gmail works fine, but not Gmail.

Did anyone else lose the ability to create folders in the app launcher? Using version 39.0.2171.94

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If this article is correct and Google does intend to increase offline functionality for Chromebooks, then I would like to see it encourage manufacturers to ship devices with at least 4 GB of RAM. For power users, that capability should have the capacity to increase to 8 GB.

I love my Surface Pro! It's light enough to carry on my daily travels yet powerful enough to complete any task I might be given. Additionally, it operates without compromises when disconnected frying the internet. #microsoftsurface

After three hours and multiple attempts, all my documents, photos, videos, and emails are of Google servers. I wish I could say it was easy, but that would be a gross deception

I love that Google keeps adding more and more features their location-based software but, after a month and a half, they still can't figure out that I use a transit train, not a bus.
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