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Circle share: Psychologists and Neuroscientsts on Google+.

In the old days, before circle sharing, I started a Google Spreadsheet of psychologists and neuroscientists on Google+. I figured I'd add everyone on that spreadsheet to a circle and share it. So, here it is.

Note that the people on this list were self-selected: People added themselves because they self-identified as a psychologist or neuroscientist. Not all are scientists, but many are. Lots of people on this list post great psychology and neuroscience stuff. The spreadsheet is still available if you want to see how people described their interests or you want to be more selective in choosing who to add:

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Thanks, Daniel! This is so helpful. Much appreciation.
Thanks for sharing. Is this a circle that you selectively share to? If so, I'd love to be added. I studied cognitive science in school and now am in the field of human-computer interaction.
+Matt Soave -- Whenever I'm posting about psychology, cognition, etc. I post publicly. So if you have me in a circle, you'll see any posts on those topics. The only times I post to selective circles is for personal/family stuff or for content I know won't be of interest to anyone but that circle. I won't subject the public to pics of my dog, though (unless my dog is doing something cognitively interesting, which, knowing my dog, is not too likely).
Got it -- thanks for explaining.
If this list is already in a circle of yours, why don't you just share that circle (that feature just came out yesterday).

Edit: never mind.. I was using the mobile app... My bad
Thanks so much for doing this, it's really helpful. I just wanted to mention that the people who added their names to the spreadsheet later on, listed in rows 123 to the end (136) aren't in the circle. Mostly noticeable to me because I'm 130 :-( So, there are more people to add for anyone interested!
+Nancy Noldy-MacLean -- Strange. I wonder if the system I used to import them was capped at 120 or something. I've imported you and the rest of those and will edit the post now so that anyone adding after this will have the updated circle.
Couldn't edit the original post, but just reposted it with an update. Sorry for the glitch.
No problem, that's perfect. I really appreciate your initiative with both the spreadsheet and the circle. This is evolving into a very interesting community.
Thanks. I added these if they are wondering where I came from.
I was going to add myself to the list, but it seems to be just faculty and students - whereas I'm a clinician.
+Dr. Brian Grady -- Yes, the emphasis for this list was on researchers and teachers/faculty (neuro or psych) rather than on clinicians or practitioners.
+Daniel Simons -- I just stumbled across this old post. Are you still maintaining the circle, and if so, could you please add me?
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